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A simple sketch of a dragon. (HB pencil)
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Silas A simple sketch of a dragon. (HB pencil)
Def Character 2006-09-28 15:21:02 Wow very good ^^
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Media: Coloured pencils<br>
Paper type: brown paper; 140 g/m²<br>
Size: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)<br>
Time: 11 h<br>
kinda chibi but exelent in every way
Another page haha =D feel free to check it all outttt.
This one i made for free for my friend ph47d3m0n, cause i litteraly forced him into giving his Xbox, heh.

It's the Chocobo Races from Final Fantasy 7! And comes in all Chocobo colours!

May i add that putting back together 1 Xbox controller is a pain in the ass, but putting back 2 of these miserable bastards is atrosious! The buttons keep falling out, i hate them! ^-^

Visit my website for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.

I accept PayPal.
whoa :-O
some horse i draw for my ex girlfriend
This would be my friend Frankie...probably thinking about food. I used contrast, though I really simplified the facial features and shading. And I his left arms doesn't really make any sense....
here are those plushies screen toned
just a doodle 
made up mummy chick
nuttin new
Page 4 of Akki Keikan chapter 2. i got kinda lazy with the character on the bottom right. i make these characters as I go and some of them are not important to me so..... just make them ugly. T.T
That is all for now. I just wanted to show you all what I am working on. College is getting in the way of my work because school work comes first so it takes awhile to actually find time to draw.
Trying extreme dificoult perspectives. Worked out fine I guess. But I'm not that happy with the chair she's sitting in.
cute boy with peace!
The complete colour version of the sketch to colour piccie ^_^
raven commission low res
   for a better version 
wot do u think ?