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WOLF "nooh...why cant you understand?" T.T
Def Character 2006-09-25 13:20:37 b^_^d
Wicked_Lady 2006-09-25 13:41:57 Beautiful.. I can just feel how she's feeling.. Very good drawing skills you have <3
Shinfate 2006-09-25 15:50:05 wow :( this drawing is so beautifull, very good on the emotions there ^_~
Zeph 2006-09-25 22:38:11 the eyes are beautiful. very well done
yurusanzo 2006-09-26 00:06:36 i cant understand cause im incoherantly drunk :) well done sketch
xanai 2006-09-26 15:12:19 vet mooi XD
Marius 2006-09-26 16:38:43 I thought you werent the emo goth type ;) :P Nice though
ukkie 2006-09-27 05:42:31 wow really pretty, you can just feel the emotion radiating off the screen ^___^
Nightwind 2006-10-04 04:15:16 pretty!
Rikku_aka_Chico 2008-01-27 20:17:10 wowwww! prettyyyyy!!!! pretty!!
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Random art
My elf draft what do you think
This is one of the first drawings I put on the net... ^^ hope u like it
Enjoy the art work mangakas! I hope you like it!

@(-_-)@ U
What on earth does this count as?
Just something I drew yesterday of some random guy. (note the adams apple) It didn't take more than 15 minutes to draw. I just wanted to see if I could (still) draw a decent profile. We discussed drawing profiles in drawing class last week. We haven't actually drawn any people or animals yet. We've been doing mostly cube-based images. 

Drawn with an HB mechanical pencil on sketchbook paper.
yes i know, more kirin armor.... but i love kirin armor :(
Cool Manga drawing.
a bit of character design ^^. She is suppous to look girly but not to much. A bit of SWAT but not to much. i still have to think a place for guns and ammo ... but i rather hide them (i dont like guns. please feel free to C&C. Whatever comes to your mind it will be highly appreciated ^-^
This the drawning style that Chico recommended to me to start with. DBZ Trunks =D I think the face is not like trunks...what do u think?
 A fox girl I colored Using Oekaki - Not quite finished
based on the character of the same name of the novel by Honore d'Balzac "Seraphite". done in 1999, with some photoshop edit
this yet another maid i drew i like to draw frilly costumes u c and maids seem to b perfect 4 that im surprised that there isnt a maid catorgorie ^-^
>>Looking UP hiGh to THa SkY ABOve........................
Hey \(^-^)/ how have you guys been?? this is an elfprincess I drew it during homework (somehow she reminds me of a cat) and she got caught by her evil sister when she tried to run away, *.* oh no!! who has the courage to save her and defeat the evil sister?? \(@.@)/ sorry I really need more sleep XD oh yeah please don't mind the little piggy, I was VERY bored XD