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WOLF "nooh...why cant you understand?" T.T
Def Character 2006-09-25 13:20:37 b^_^d
Wicked_Lady 2006-09-25 13:41:57 Beautiful.. I can just feel how she's feeling.. Very good drawing skills you have <3
Shinfate 2006-09-25 15:50:05 wow :( this drawing is so beautifull, very good on the emotions there ^_~
Zeph 2006-09-25 22:38:11 the eyes are beautiful. very well done
yurusanzo 2006-09-26 00:06:36 i cant understand cause im incoherantly drunk :) well done sketch
xanai 2006-09-26 15:12:19 vet mooi XD
Marius 2006-09-26 16:38:43 I thought you werent the emo goth type ;) :P Nice though
ukkie 2006-09-27 05:42:31 wow really pretty, you can just feel the emotion radiating off the screen ^___^
Nightwind 2006-10-04 04:15:16 pretty!
Rikku_aka_Chico 2008-01-27 20:17:10 wowwww! prettyyyyy!!!! pretty!!
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Random art
Just some random girl.. with i KNOW a HUGE rat.. i did it one a little tiny paper like 7 by 7 cm so.. just quick so it's has allot of flaws..
comment please ^-^
Old sketch ...A girl from GANTZ 
don't remember the name :P
Yusu Cama, made him in the year 2004 (^^)
hello,well i draw this demond girl from a manga dont remember the name i did it with a regular pencil then painted her whit color pencils.. it took me about 1hour and 10min...well what do you think??? and how it turned out???
>>ONe of my greatest hitZ...muahahahahaaa....(^-^)
it is edward!!! i love him so much >.<
And a sketch of Negi bosu
Muru Kitty
This i a recreation of the FF character Yuffie.
Upload a new version!!! But still WIP.

C&C welcome.
Manga Art
VALENTINE CONTEST: Inuyasha and Kagome finally profess their love for one another, in the form of a Valentine's Day teddy-bear.
My idea. Sketched out traditionally  Lined/colored with photoshop. Roughly 8 consecutive hours of work. e.e I'm SO glad I got to finish it. I'm really proud of how it turned out. :)
I drew the girl, and my friend 'Mika' drew the heart.
We hope you like it!! ^-^
*Thanx Mika* ^0^
Curly hair
This drawing is at and awkward angle due to the fact that i cannot draw legs. i purposely drew her at the edge of the paper, in order to avoid the noticability of her missing legs. The cutout would not scan properly, however, and i was forced to glue it onto a seperate sheet of paper, leaving the cutoff legs.
It's a present for a friend of mine, she likes totoro and doraemon :)