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i actually spent 1 class and one lunch period drawing this... if it werent for sharlene-chan i would of posted this up with food stains XD
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yurusanzo i actually spent 1 class and one lunch period drawing this... if it werent for sharlene-chan i would of posted this up with food stains XD
Def Character 2006-09-21 03:47:31 Top Nudge b^_^d
Wicked_Lady 2006-09-22 16:01:27 It looks great. <3 Thank Sharlene-chan for me for keeping the food staines away from it ^^
1-MM-1 2006-09-22 17:06:30 nice pic love ......... have u ever played a game called monster hunter well if not it kicks ass
yurusanzo 2006-09-23 10:10:08 yes i have this was based off of kezu and lao armor :)
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from another good manga Numbers ...............................
I made this for a contest at skool about death, i don't think i'll win but here it is, enjoy.
After all the work and examining, i finally figure what's wrong with the sketch. i 4got to consider that the neck does not and will never turn that far back >_< totally mess up, but it did look nice overall to me =)
Now for the humans, my shojou/supposedly shonen-ai for most, manga Biology, as an anime screenshot, which I still like. 

Erei, the redhead, is a girl dressed up as a guy in an all guys' academy, basically, being teased all her life made her believe it would be easier if she just became a guy, she ends up being the tutor to the Gangleader of the school Tenmu, whose a lot more than he lets on. Subject for tutoring: Biology! Thus, the caption.

Erei and Tenmu drawn and colored in flash, the BG was done in Photoshop CS.

Erei, Tenmu, Biology and all its characters is copyrighted 2005 Tabitha "TabiKat" Vocque
Kisuke Urahara by Tite Kubo, Bleach
It is a Pirate. I hope you like it.
Well what should I say about it??, I personally like the coloring, erhhnmm THE HAND is kinda wrong drawen(?) But further is she very GREEN ^_^ and lovely,
this is a fanart for kingdom hearts, it waws a christmas gift to a friend. the only thing i dont liek is the shading in pen i did on the skin tones of riku, and kairi. it seemed like a good idea.... nto so much, but it still looks, good, im happy with it! pencil crayon, ink, ball point pens, white chalk
OpenCanvas - 2007
 This is Link from Legend of Zelda. I drew this with a permanent marker on a piece of cardboard. I then colored it on Photoshop.
Just a concept for the main character from the story of Shaun94 on the forum...
it's from a story called "magic stone"
wich my friends and i created ^^ 
(solin, djoeke, love you)
>>my VerSion of The Mighty WOLverine...just a easy Sketch nothiN speCial..commEnt Plez.
Dont care about negative comments all i draw is good