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uchiha sasuke. sorry for the lame pose
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yem uchiha sasuke. sorry for the lame pose
Def Character 2006-09-17 14:23:01 Keep it up^^ can you enter smaller sized pictures^^
yem 2006-09-17 15:08:48 Sorry for the big pictures didn't know how it worked. cause i have a ne scanner
AIKUZA 2006-09-17 15:52:26 Not a bad art, but scaling it would do it better. it's not the scanner's fault you wanted yem, but you should resize it in a program. btw, speaking of scanning, shouldnt you scan a picture that belongs to me? hatseflats mister scan
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Random art
This head is rather small.
But I think it looks o.k.
um.... its cold here and this makes me feels all warm inside, lol

also a tarot card project gone wrong, i ended up changing my idea but i like this one nonetheless
Finally some scanned art again.I really liked the line art of it, though it was sketchy. So I cleaned it and colored it in PhotoShop. Everytime I look at the results, it gives a happy feeling, knowing that its done, and feeling like my art has improved a bit. That's a good moment for an artist I say. I'm not sure if I'm editing this again. Just gonna add more detials to it further on I think. Njoy it :).
and here;s another one.  hopefully I can color all of these and compile them with Photoshop
It's been a long time... School's finished and I finally got some more time for my own work. Here are some color sketches leftovers from my school project, hope you like 'em!
A superhero I came up with, "The Fortress".
Umm, this is a sketchy version of his mask. ^^ Comments and crits please.
I did this piece with Painter and a little of photoshop. I expect you like it.
Here is the colored version of the piece I made for Elisabeth ^_^
Still working on my project. But i have to many ideas and i cant put them all together, kinda frustrating.. Ow, i uploaded this one before, but with unknown text 8)
Alucard from Hellsing. I know it doesn't look entirely like him but this is the first piece of art I did with my tablet.
'Tis a picture of my charater A'Marie holding a patched heart. Yeah, I know her arms look weird, but hey, she's a chibi, she's 'sposta look weird and disporpotunal. There are quite of few mistakes in this, so dun look at it closely! TT__TT It'll look better once I figure out my illistrator program and re-do it there.
Finally I'm backk. I haven't been here for awhile~

This is the messenger. She carries messages and magic and such to the spirit world from the human world. She does this via ponds and lakes, in which she sprinkles her magic in them and then dives in, creating a portal only she can use. [[Ask to draw her, if you want. [:  ]]
The Pied piper is one of my favorite stories so. Did this bit.