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uchiha sasuke. sorry for the lame pose
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yem uchiha sasuke. sorry for the lame pose
Def Character 2006-09-17 14:23:01 Keep it up^^ can you enter smaller sized pictures^^
yem 2006-09-17 15:08:48 Sorry for the big pictures didn't know how it worked. cause i have a ne scanner
AIKUZA 2006-09-17 15:52:26 Not a bad art, but scaling it would do it better. it's not the scanner's fault you wanted yem, but you should resize it in a program. btw, speaking of scanning, shouldnt you scan a picture that belongs to me? hatseflats mister scan
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did this one in the car a while ago (then lost the book). does anyone have tips on ears ? :P
this is a sketch I maby work out , when I have extra time. I like it a little, the pose is nice
i really like to draw this demon from the side and the hair.
a witchdrawing i made scanned in three different ways, because i have no life and nothing else to do!! >=O
something else i drew, it's not my best drawing, but some tips and comments sure would help ^_^  *ps: i know he doesnt have any hands, but i s*** at those so bleh :P*
Rubine - First and last sketch next to eachother for comparison, ready to be lined, final version is in Colored Art - aug 2001
A random cat person ^w^
Just a witch
Well, at the moment I'm just trying to improve my skills ^_^ ... so what do you all think of this nice young fella? ~ I still have to think up a name for him.
Kingdom Hearts 2 STILL hasn't been released in the U.K !!!!
:D third page.
and the song takado is singing is "Bad things" by Wednesday 13. It's a badass song xD
secutary^-^ i was just messing around on ms paint and theres the outcome ^0^ i hope u like it!!!!!
Hey, what's up MWS??
Lookie lookie my version of Gaz from Invader Zim... gotta love that show!
Just something I'm working on ... erm, nothing special really, just another cat boy thingie X3