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mama_logon character
Zeph 2006-09-16 20:51:16 Coloring tan skin is really hard to do, but you managed to make it nice
Def Character 2006-09-17 14:17:46 So whats his story ^^
mama_logon 2006-09-17 18:11:54 history? it´s just a character, i was trying another style, thats all
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Random art
yay! adventure girl! ^_^
Dustin C.
Just something I drew yesterday of some random guy. (note the adams apple) It didn't take more than 15 minutes to draw. I just wanted to see if I could (still) draw a decent profile. We discussed drawing profiles in drawing class last week. We haven't actually drawn any people or animals yet. We've been doing mostly cube-based images. 

Drawn with an HB mechanical pencil on sketchbook paper.
it is the same guy in this strip I used him always because i want My own character ^^ it is a strip in dutch because i am dutch,Enjoy!
This is a picture I drew of yuffie from final fantasy 7. Since the scanner made the picture light I had to darken the page a bit
i made this one with pastel.
i made this because of something that happend witch broke my heart.
Latest page from my weekly webmanga The Beast Legion . Need your support.
something else i drew, it's not my best drawing, but some tips and comments sure would help ^_^  *ps: i know he doesnt have any hands, but i s*** at those so bleh :P*
my friend did a shaolin piece so I did this for Karate.
-----------[[[UPDATED]]]-----------  >_> sorry i have been gone for so long again. Anyway, here is a little drawing i just finished. Basically what i wanted to practice was large objects, in this case the tank xD but i did it too small and i doesnt seem like one x.x and his eyes are too apart
A little preview
got an idea for a few characters so just "sketched" them out.
Here is finally one of my serious arts! It is a CG practice pic :D But ofcourse about the bg... yknow...
An old drawing of Chichiri from Fushigi Yugi. I'm not really into that manga anymore but I was a really big Chichiri fan when I drew this.