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Another random manga page (left to right)
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Lozz Another random manga page (left to right)
Kimiko 2006-09-07 12:31:47 It's very funny!!! ^0^
ukkie 2006-09-07 16:12:37 lol ^_____^ I always like the "guy looking like a girl" jokes ^_____^
Def Character 2006-09-07 18:15:51 LOL maybe you could place the you don't.... sentence in the air to. And the last balloon in the lower right corner with the simplified face a bit bigger centered in the middle of that balloon. This way the viewer is gently forced to read the texts in the right order...^^
justio 2008-08-01 18:00:34 woow!! that nice. how to you make it look like a comic
justio 2008-08-01 18:02:08 woow!! that nice. how to you make it look like a comic
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Random art
wip of this character, Jack Havock, from Larklight, the book im reading :) wip. suggestions and crits appreciated =]
power ranger type character, just felt like doing something a little 'old school' feeling.
hey people its been a while ^^ well this is something i made after watching a dvd of Scott Robertson and of how he makes his Environments as an concept artist and well .. it work the techniek he uses work pretty well :D and its fast, i think this took me an hour or so .. and that for a first try i think is pretty nice ^^
Another 2004 fan art drawing, this time it's Death
with these abs who needs a triforce
no. IV
First one of a follow up.
A fight scene from an old manga project ¨Dusk Season¨ . I abandoned it, because I was too lazzzy. Now I have a new idea, so maybe only later I will work on this..
Original work by ShiroSora PenName/Artist Shiroi non digital work...:3
Nudity!!! .. i think i forgot how to draw LOL!!!, but i like the colorwork of this one, its kind of messy almost like glowing. comments are welcome. ^-^
Somewhere-between-sketch-and-lineart of an upcoming project of mine. Was wondering if the proportions are right, what ya think of it, what could be improved, etc. etc. So C&C it is!
A random cat person ^w^
I'm back! yaay my scaner is working again ^_^ well this is old art...but i love it!
My character star... with some random guy, lol

btw, is it just me or does my eye mouthie icon thingie look rather bored?
this is my christmas picture i drew last year. the girls are twins as u can see thay do look a little diffrent to one and other ^-^ and the one twin is rather shy as the other ones egar and full of pep. i do hope u like it