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I used to do this... that program is not really made for doing extended drawings ><
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CericCalas I used to do this... that program is not really made for doing extended drawings ><
Def Character 2006-09-05 17:10:42 Why CC what big teeth you have... :p Sometimes using an awkward media give great and spontanious effects... ^^
gothqueen 2006-09-06 07:52:24 I like the eyes and teeth, pretty cool
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Random art
well I finally got the time to add some shadows to this, I guess its done, though it could be improved.
Valentine's Day Contest. Alrighty. Um. I started with the basic pose I saw from a picture of Miranda Kerr. I then changed the arms, mouth, and altered the hips slightly. I changed the hair and made up my own outfit. I thought a sexy female version of Cupid was necessary for a Valentine's Day treat.
Manga Art
I think his head looks a little too big but apart from that I liked how this turned out. I think the colours I picked work well with eachother too. This is just Hyper Kiel with his golden axe. The background took longer than I expected tho as I thought it would due to all the extra details I put into it, but it was all worth it as I had much fun creating the background!
bored at school again, but i think i am going to work this out one day
i love monster hunter. been a year since ive done a kirin armor sketch... so here it is :)
only problem is that i dont know what weapon to put in her hands :(
Recreation of the scene from Snow White when the witch is like "try the apple". I thought this was alot more tempting. Hey it's anime, and colored. Something I don't do very often. 1/2 mouse/1/2 tablet. I like. Comments?
the twelth page of princess nightmare
I’m creating another set of greeting cards. This is the first birthday card I made in Illustrator. I hope people are going to like it
is that ... me?
Just started, will be teen girl (has to be a schoolgirl in a sailor outfit (as usual)) walking down a path (lined with trees(so expect the generic blossom or leaves floating past))
Will be done in fineliner for oulines and karisma for colour
My OC Yamazaru Tohta is a yakuza boss expert to using special kicks and classical yakuza wooden sword.
My naga girl I know there are little mistakes but still like her ^^