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An owl I've made a while ago with paint, how do u like it? pleas give your opinion.
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AAA-LAZEX-disign An owl I've made a while ago with paint, how do u like it? pleas give your opinion.
Def Character 2006-08-31 17:25:47 Though not manga... it's almoust lifelike ^^
TheDarkHell 2006-09-02 09:25:36 wow nice job ^^ i cant draw like that .. i can only do manga style :P
Neonisis 2006-09-04 14:20:49 er.. wow.. Looks even better when you slownly shut your eyes!
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Random art
Jamie Narwhal and Beatrice. [: My two female characters. Jamie's the one on the left, Beatrice on the right. I was reluctant to color with copics because my new sketchbook paper is sooo thin--that's why it's in colored pencils. Anywho. Enjoy. ;D
this is old..i dont know why i never put it up here, its umm.. some guy riding a dragon and that weird thing in the background seems to be a portal to hell
Alice Liddel From alice in the country of hearts
Hello!!! (I'v run out of things to say) XD
Erm... I don't think this one is that pretty. But just see for yourself.
with this one i was trying out using minimal black lines. as i observe pro artists i see that the more realistic of them don't use many black lines at all except for black material and i think it looks much more professional. it'll be a long road getting there though =\
A Fushigi Yugi fanart. It's Tatara. He's so hot! I just read FY 11 and fell in love with the guy. Unfortunately, in the same volume he is introduced he dies. *cries* I've only used reference for the hands.
One of my earliest commissions, I was paid to draw a Jester mech with extendable arms holding bombs sitting on top a large ball...did I succeed?
covered in snow she died
Thisss is a page from chap 9. lol
A coloured and inked picture of the stereotypical modern - day elf, a culture which has been sweeping the nation. We have all seen them, shopping, skating, hanging out, THE WORLD IS SLOWLY BUT SURELY BECOMING OVERRUN BY ELVES.
Pencils Of Darkness
Long time no fineliner 6^^

Hi hi everybody, I am still around. It has been a while since I uploaded something. So I picked up a fineliner and did a random drawing. Although I might be influenced by de manga Hellsing, hence the round glasses. Now I'd like some real crits so let me have it b^_^
Def Character
Somewhere-between-sketch-and-lineart of an upcoming project of mine. Was wondering if the proportions are right, what ya think of it, what could be improved, etc. etc. So C&C it is!