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An owl I've made a while ago with paint, how do u like it? pleas give your opinion.
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AAA-LAZEX-disign An owl I've made a while ago with paint, how do u like it? pleas give your opinion.
Def Character 2006-08-31 17:25:47 Though not manga... it's almoust lifelike ^^
TheDarkHell 2006-09-02 09:25:36 wow nice job ^^ i cant draw like that .. i can only do manga style :P
Neonisis 2006-09-04 14:20:49 er.. wow.. Looks even better when you slownly shut your eyes!
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My first draw sinds march last year...
sort of a pet character - I think I killed him 4 or 5 times in the original story. he keeps coming back. I spent close to 9 hours working on it.
just this one alone ^-^
With real screentones^-^
Anyone have some cool ideas about how to color the rest? I want this pic to be in the same vein as the other godmode project bla bla pic but I'm out of inspiration ^__^ All help is appreciated! Anyway, I was kinda impressed by the late style of desty nova hehe (I want to draw a warship too ^__^)
wanted to make something random, i like the head however i think the rest is wacksause cause i just slapped it on without thought :(, hope you guys like it, well at least the head part...
Issue 1 cover for FirePath haha
...B&C 2#
The many forms of Sora!!!
Colored in Photoshop.
Enjoy ^-^
Analin no Denkou - Lined and all set to be coloured, finished version is in Colored Art - dec 2001
The "4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse" is a term used to describe a concept from the New Testament of the Christian Bible, in chapter 6 of the Book of Revelation. Although scholars disagree as to what exactly each horseman represents, the 4 horsemen are often referred to as Conquest, War, Famine & Death.
Inali - A character from a manga im working on
i just love ice cream.... it can turn me into a monster.... the girl is somehow made according to my resemblance.... ^____^ so happy living with ice cream
<b>IF YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE STORY, PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT WITH AT LEAST A SMILEY FACE ON IT, SO I CAN TRACK HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE FOLLOWING IT. THANKS. :D :D :D</b><p> Yes. <p>Please comment. Feedback is most definitely welcome and suggestions will be taken into consideration. =D <p><p>Page THIRTEEN of the story.
An old picture it's not finished but i'm too lazy to do that..>.>;;