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Eva colouring work in progress.. I'd appreciate some C&C at this stage, before I do more of the picture. Oh yeah, that's me riding on the eva ^^ I couldn't resist..
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r7ll Eva colouring work in progress.. I'd appreciate some C&C at this stage, before I do more of the picture. Oh yeah, that's me riding on the eva ^^ I couldn't resist..
Def Character 2006-08-21 02:32:44 Wow great colouring... LOL You on the creature reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs... b^_^d
1-MM-1 2006-08-21 02:37:07 i always wanted to do that u should maybe tone the color of the kid on the face down rite know hes to bright and the monster is darker than him u know but that eva looks amazing
Kheine 2006-08-21 04:50:02 I dont know what to say :S Its so prooo O.o!!!
Zeph 2006-08-21 22:43:15 awesome job. though im noticing now that it's all REALLY dark... i like it, but awfully dark. i dont know if you should change it though...
Marius 2006-08-22 05:22:05 Nice :) The atmosphere is great, and the lighting really nice. In all honesty, while I really love the darkness of it all, I would maybe try to show more details. I mean, the lineart was quite detailed ;) Perhaps, a bigger glow from the ingested S2 engine, more ambient highlights and such. Just go for it!
r7ll 2006-08-22 11:28:37 Thanks for the feeback guys ^^ Yeah I will end up tweaking the brightness levels at the end, and there will be more highlights to pick out the detail :D. As for whether or not I leave myself riding on it.. no. But I'll always keep a version of me riding it saved ;)
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Random art
yeah...I did it just for fun ^^
The background and edges are rough on this...i had to erase alot to get rid of the old background. I will re-do it another time.
From left to right. Kara, Sapphire and Miyoko. These are the StarRunners, the girl section of the StarCrash team. I love drawing team shots n i really like how this piece turned out, rather than putting them on the same background i raised them out of it and put different backgrounds behind them matching their colours. By lifting them out of the background i think i made it look like their all in one picture and not seperate ones keeping the defintion behind them. This piece took about 9 hours to do.
I love white hair guys!!it's easy to color.
Redrawing some old characters. 

Yes, he uses a lot of hair products.
Just doodling :D Although the guy in the middle and lower left are definite possibilities for main character designs for a comic I'm going to start pretty soon :D So crits and ideas and just general comments are all welcome :D
I just finish reading Bleachvol. 48-49 and when i saw ichigo final...i just had to draw i did...took me 2 days
 Trying to get myself out of this damned artist block I am having.
for my dad`s birthdey b^^d
pencil no jutsu
this is Maru Nagashiwa, Kenji's sister and Hayate's Girl friend in the manga ^_^ but I guess you already know, or don't you ^_~
Analin no Denkou - First and last sketch next to eachother for comparison, ready to be lined, final version is in Colored Art - dec 2001
A coloured and inked picture of the stereotypical modern - day elf, a culture which has been sweeping the nation. We have all seen them, shopping, skating, hanging out, THE WORLD IS SLOWLY BUT SURELY BECOMING OVERRUN BY ELVES.
Pencils Of Darkness
from my first manga Royal Icing, pg 22, also up on
My version and vision of sagitariuos zodiac sign. the most beautiful and powerful of all (yes, i was born under sagitariuos =P LOL ) even i can beleive how good this one turn out to be!. -------- What i like: the colors are sooooooo pretty they are bright but not shocking to the eyes, the shadows are ok (not very good but just fine), but what i like the most is the fact that looks dynamic!!!! which for me is a big achievement ^-^. --------- Now what i dont like: those freaking ribs looks good but the navel is just wrong!!!!! i just could place it in the right spot **sob**, i also dont like the hair design .... it looks odd to the rest of the body design .... oh well, but i still think it is one of best pics ever!. Comment are welcome ^-^ <3