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Eva colouring work in progress.. I'd appreciate some C&C at this stage, before I do more of the picture. Oh yeah, that's me riding on the eva ^^ I couldn't resist..
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r7ll Eva colouring work in progress.. I'd appreciate some C&C at this stage, before I do more of the picture. Oh yeah, that's me riding on the eva ^^ I couldn't resist..
Def Character 2006-08-21 02:32:44 Wow great colouring... LOL You on the creature reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs... b^_^d
1-MM-1 2006-08-21 02:37:07 i always wanted to do that u should maybe tone the color of the kid on the face down rite know hes to bright and the monster is darker than him u know but that eva looks amazing
Kheine 2006-08-21 04:50:02 I dont know what to say :S Its so prooo O.o!!!
Zeph 2006-08-21 22:43:15 awesome job. though im noticing now that it's all REALLY dark... i like it, but awfully dark. i dont know if you should change it though...
Marius 2006-08-22 05:22:05 Nice :) The atmosphere is great, and the lighting really nice. In all honesty, while I really love the darkness of it all, I would maybe try to show more details. I mean, the lineart was quite detailed ;) Perhaps, a bigger glow from the ingested S2 engine, more ambient highlights and such. Just go for it!
r7ll 2006-08-22 11:28:37 Thanks for the feeback guys ^^ Yeah I will end up tweaking the brightness levels at the end, and there will be more highlights to pick out the detail :D. As for whether or not I leave myself riding on it.. no. But I'll always keep a version of me riding it saved ;)
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Random art
The one place my friend won't find his xmas gift on the interwebs. I drew this for my friend Matt because he's always getting me things and drawing me stuff and letting me borrow his mangas and games. XD I owed him a good one. I like how this came out. Artwork and characters are copyrighted 2006 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque
The Kaiba brothers (from Yu-Gi-Oh). I just love this pic, I think they are soooo cute, so I decided to draw it myself. But unfortunately the scanner made the colors look ugly.
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This is my new tattoo that i put up on my arm today. It's my birthday present that was given to me by my friends and family. I got it this afternoon; i was supposed to upload the tattoo itself, but since it's not totally finished on my arm (it's still not fully coloured) i decided just to put the tattoo-drawing itself up.

I'll show the actual tattoo on the last week of April, when it's fully coloured and healed.
should i draw in the wings? mixed feelins...
Two of my Main Character Cache and Joe from my FirePath Manga
there is a story behind this pic, (too long to type). what i like of it: ahhh open canvas, the solution to all my background problems :D, yes i like the background, i like the colors too. what i dont like, i cant do horizontal nor vertical lines ??" , the floor wasnt supouse to look like that ??", oh i few things i have to say: 1- if you see this pic too bright is because my monitor is NOT sets very bright (i dont wanna to go blind before turning 21) 2- that thing she is holding is a hamburguer 3- this was a quick sketch and quick colorwork. C&C welcome =3
My very first picture that was drawn on large size paper (11 X 17 Inches). This picture is actually drawn for...... ^^;; Public Speaking class. I'd got to speech about teaching something, so I thought I can speech about how to draw anime character. So I drew this pic out for example, but in the end, I was so nervous that I didn't have the courage to show it to everyone  ^^;;;
Did this some time ago, just got back into drawing, first time here guys second post
<a href="">===see preliminary lineart</a><br><br>
The full finished final colors for my custom bee themed pony ^_^.<br><br>
Original prelim lineart photocopied and photocopy mounted on the hard board backing from my vellum pad ^^;. Colored with Dr. Martins dyes, black lytho crayon, and white gel pen, white ink and white acrylic paint, then trimmed to size.<br><br>
Feels good to use my dyes again. I kind of forgotten how fun and attention grabbing they were. Don't get me wrong, I like digital coloring, but its too easy to get distracted and walk away from a piece. At least with traditional media, you CAN'T really walk away from the piece until a certain section is finished ^^;.
<br><br>Oh, and still hunting for a new name for her.. any suggestions?<br><br><b><a href="">PRINTS and goodness available</a></b>  <i>~~Bee 02/11/2005</i>
Just a quickie so I'll have something here. His name is Faust.
Lined this one. the clouds will be gone when I colored this. anyone who wants to color this may do so, but credit me please. enjoy, I hope I did a good job ^^'
Sakura Kasugano. 2nd time I made a collage of her on MWS. But this one looks a lot better than the other one. These were all sketches. I just gave them a colortint to make it enjoyeble to watch. It's Sakura playing GBA, looking sexy and Hadoukenning :)
Work with my new markers.
I wanted to do some zombie stuff, this is what I came up with.