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Eva colouring work in progress.. I'd appreciate some C&C at this stage, before I do more of the picture. Oh yeah, that's me riding on the eva ^^ I couldn't resist..
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r7ll Eva colouring work in progress.. I'd appreciate some C&C at this stage, before I do more of the picture. Oh yeah, that's me riding on the eva ^^ I couldn't resist..
Def Character 2006-08-21 02:32:44 Wow great colouring... LOL You on the creature reminds me of Calvin and Hobbs... b^_^d
1-MM-1 2006-08-21 02:37:07 i always wanted to do that u should maybe tone the color of the kid on the face down rite know hes to bright and the monster is darker than him u know but that eva looks amazing
Kheine 2006-08-21 04:50:02 I dont know what to say :S Its so prooo O.o!!!
Zeph 2006-08-21 22:43:15 awesome job. though im noticing now that it's all REALLY dark... i like it, but awfully dark. i dont know if you should change it though...
Marius 2006-08-22 05:22:05 Nice :) The atmosphere is great, and the lighting really nice. In all honesty, while I really love the darkness of it all, I would maybe try to show more details. I mean, the lineart was quite detailed ;) Perhaps, a bigger glow from the ingested S2 engine, more ambient highlights and such. Just go for it!
r7ll 2006-08-22 11:28:37 Thanks for the feeback guys ^^ Yeah I will end up tweaking the brightness levels at the end, and there will be more highlights to pick out the detail :D. As for whether or not I leave myself riding on it.. no. But I'll always keep a version of me riding it saved ;)
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Random art
i don't think this one needs any explanation. I'm thinking  of also making a colored version.

Zydrate Robber
Germaine... messed up on her leg... and her expression... she should look... innocent not. mischievious... i need to learn hot to transfer sketches to inks better
Okay, so it's not quite a color picture. However, it's not exactly a sketch, lineart or oekaki so it counts, I guess. Anyway, this was a picture that I made for a student. She asked me to make a picture of anything, so I doodled this up for her real quick during one of my break periods. If you're wondering what the words say, they are, "Dear God. Please let the wind feel good. That's my one request."

Mediums used: Pencil and paper, Photoshop CS (for the words and colors). Time taken: 45 minutes for the drawing, 25-30 minutes for the extra stuff.
she is the angel of light

Yep... It is a merry xmaz to my MWS peeps. Hmmm... This art sucks. Well, didnt had time to make a better one. And im lazy to explain whats going on in this pic XD. Done with Tablet in PhotoShop CS. Time: 1 Hour. Hmmm fast and cheap . :D:D:D:D crap
Here is wuz practising eyes. Some tutorial i saw on the net.
His name is turbo
now...would you trust that guy?
Here is the second version.. hope u ppl like it better than the last 1. Although there are not many adjustments..
OMG! Colour! Now there's something you don't see very often :P I decided I needed some more practice with coloring, and it shows. I'm not best pleased with the colouring, particularly the landscape (doesn't look right) but it was a fun project to do and I'm feeling a bit more comfortable with digital colouring.
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