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Some ramdom pic
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Kheine Some ramdom pic
r7ll 2006-08-20 19:35:42 Oh beautiful! Love the loose sketchy style, gives the scene a very lazy, lucid feel. Those people look chilled out ^^ great colouring on the faces too
Def Character 2006-08-21 02:31:22 The colouring and the scene are great... but the girl seems to be hovering above the ground, if she has her head on his arm the neck should be tilted and the shading underneath her at the side of the middle guy is a bit to much. The head of the guy on the left is a bit to small seeing the perspective and all... ^_^
Kheine 2006-08-21 04:51:58 Thanks Defmaster for correcting shit ^^
Zeph 2006-08-21 22:42:14 i agree with r7ll and Def C. The guy on the left is awesome: the highlights on his hair, the folds on the shirt, and the angle you see him at. Nicely done
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Random art
This character doesn't feel any remorse despite the fact that he's just been kicked out of Michael's crowd. Look what's happened to him - he's lost one of his wings & he's sprouted horns! Well, they didn't do anything to ruin his good looks, did they?
This was just practise. I know the arms aren't any good but I like the the pose.
So i desided to share this one with you. xp
Muru Kitty
random sketches of the same character. I love to draw curls
Im giving critiques for quite a while now and you never had the chance to c&c mine cause i never uploaded art. So i deceided to draw something myself. It started as a sketch (doh) but after thickening some lines it became all lineart-ish. Well i want to have some c&c before im going to color this. Please dont mind the hands since you wont see them in the color version, the orb is going to be pretty bright. Time for revenge, c&c !!
Long time no posty! That's because I haven't been doing much anime/manga stuff lately. Anyway here's my tribute to Naruto, which has swallowed up so much of my time XDDD

The picture is entitled: Rokudaime.

Enjoy! ^_~
i wanted to draw a crazy looking dark wizard who looks like hes off his rocker
character named red01 in my comic...
did this one in the car a while ago (then lost the book). does anyone have tips on ears ? :P
Yeah, this took quite some time, but got there in the end :D
wanted to draw something for my mom. had a lot of fun trying to do the scales - not so much fun trying to do fabric. ideas?
'Tis a picture of A'Marie with her wings out. A most painful thing for her, I might add, for the machinary is ripping her back open. >_< Well, actually she can't feel it... Long story.)Anyways... I started this like, last month, then forgot about it, then finnaly finished it at 12:30am yesterday night for an example at an art auction on Gaia. I'd have to say I'm happy with it, even thought most of the detail was lost in the resizing... and she doesn't look as insane as she does in the original. TT__TT
tis me, back from the dead...
this is a sketch of my chara for the whisper comic...
this is a tryout for the clothes of the chara.