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Remember that black and white eva pic I uploaded a while ago? Well this is the finished sketch. Line art coming up in a moment..
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r7ll Remember that black and white eva pic I uploaded a while ago? Well this is the finished sketch. Line art coming up in a moment..
Marius 2006-08-17 18:49:08 I should be joyfull of other people's acomplishments. Instead, FEEL THE JEALOUSY!!!
*cough* Hmmm yes very nice :)
CynikSama 2006-08-17 19:22:53 omg that's just awesome.
mama_logon 2006-08-18 17:51:19 pretty well done!
Ryii-chan 2006-08-18 22:54:43 Beautiful I absolutely love it!*_*!*squeal* Your really good!*bows*
lotsofblood 2006-08-19 17:47:50 whoa awesomeness
Zeph 2006-08-19 20:28:06 i like this one better. maybe because it looks likes it's shaded, and the lineart is just..a lineart. I'll try to color it, but im not promising anything
TheDarkHell 2006-08-22 17:50:22 holy shit !!! awesome !! those mega designs are like the greatest :3
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Random art
this is my First Humen Art.i made it cuz my Boyfriend has a virus and is serieus ill :(.
if u look at the Art. U know What it means and u will understand it.
long time no see:p

soo I finish this one ^^
Work In Progress
Happy Halloween! (well, not yet anyway...) Lineart for my HW pic this year, done in pencils and will be colored soon. 
Dustin C.
Some WoW fan-art ^^
Manga Art
A while ago i've uploaded some sketches of this guy, i quitted working on it after that and today i deceided to start working on it again. To be honest i think this is my best work so far, been messing around with lightning and shades a lot and i like the result. Enjoy. -Kaizu.
More stuffs.
Someone once asked me to draw something like this, so here it is :P
C&C shall be tresured somewhere inside that thingie that pumps blood :3
A 8th grader.
Anenergetic and fun human.
Hey, what's up MWS??
Lookie lookie my version of Gaz from Invader Zim... gotta love that show!
Nothing much lately. Only this pic. I know it's awfully.. correct? I wanna put more creativity onto the few drawings I make. (no more oc-drawing maybe ;D)
Basically, the logo to my business cards. It's mangaish and I'm kinda having a friend(thanks Bev) help me put some artwork up here, I am of course a manga artist, so everything I do is mangaish, but yea. The two girls in the pic are both me, real me and anthro me. That's why I'm Tabitha "TabiKat" Vocque.

p.s Thanks Bev aka DreadLockMonkey for getting me on this site, haha, everyone, go look at her work cuz it's so delicious. ;3
okay this is the coller one from Cloud Stife
romeo + juliet, what else? a tragic loev story. started off as a love/valentine picture, after i had  just watched "the phantom of the opera" but then turned into romeo and juliet pic. the only think that is wrong with this pic in my opinion is that romeos fashion sence is a little ahead of his time.... but whats a couple 100 of years, hehehehe. done in india ink, nib, Hb pencil, and a red pencil crayon.