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this is link. Usaly i never draw zelda:p. Enjoy^^
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oscar this is link. Usaly i never draw zelda:p. Enjoy^^
lotsofblood 2006-08-17 11:54:51 cool...even if its only the game cube link :(
Def Character 2006-08-17 17:45:02 nice one ^^
prince_of_cydonia 2006-08-17 22:55:52 very accurate:P...should draw him more^^
prince_of_cydonia 2006-08-17 22:56:16 very accurate:P...should draw him more^^
prince_of_cydonia 2006-08-17 22:57:10 sorry aout that^^ delete the last one
Kimiko 2006-08-18 06:56:59 He looks very cute!! ^-^
Neonisis 2006-09-04 14:47:40 Cute, but not quite Windwaker style XD
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X-Men Fanart. It's Rogue. Yes I plan on coloring it. Pretty happy with it considering I haven't done anime in a while

My version of Archer of the Gorgonites. ^_^
pencil no jutsu
and here is a colored version of her ^_^ ( I have a feeling I upload too much at a time 0_o )
i made this one with pastel.
i made this because of something that happend witch broke my heart.
Well... trying to get the hang of textbubbles....
Here is an non CG line art doodle. Just a nearby fineliner. an there we have it.
Def Character
i also like this one. the same as the first one.
irani and d-jinn (specialy for terren: irani=girl, d-jinn=boy =P)they're sutch a cute couple^^
from my own fanfic (I wish I could already call it more =( ) Link © (people who recognice the title: I'm the same person as nova (in my lassy scanless periode ^^')
look! a creature ^^, i think he is cute, and i am still trying to manage bright colors . Let see .. what i like in this pic: 1- that skull he is holding on his hands. 2- his funny smile. 3- the colorwork on the claws. 4- the outfit <3 ..... now what i dont like: 1- me having a terrible headache >_< 2- after making the pic only 100 kb the skull is almost invisible 3- the fire, i cant draw fire (yet) 4- sorry i forgot to draw his right hand's fingers. 5- purple color is too bright, but i love purple. 6- the idea is not very original =/  ..... anyway ^-^ please comments are welcome ^-^
Ugh I haven't uploaded in months. But then I haven;t done much these past few months. I'd blame school but that's getting old now (a). Alright. 30 minute online session doodle in OC 1.1 Oc isnt my program of choice but I totally dig the online function. So yeh... Im still the oc-noob :D
yay its yoni
Self-potrait. Not much of a story about this one. There just was one damn annoying fly that didn't know when to stop.