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she Waits fOr ThA Rain...?
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yuX she Waits fOr ThA Rain...?
prince_of_cydonia 2006-08-14 19:22:04 cool piece^^ i want her shoes:P
Zeph 2006-08-14 19:49:08 nicely done. but i think her neck is a little thick for her body
Def Character 2006-08-14 21:22:53 Cute but I would let her underarm rest on her chest and let the umbrella fall losely over her shoulder looking to the inside of the umbrella and yeah maybe the neck a tinybit thinner...^^
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It's a present for a friend of mine, she likes totoro and doraemon :)
Dear Mangaworkshopfriends, It has been quite somewhile and nowadays I have little time left to draw anything.

So I hope you enjoy this piece :D
this is my own symbol it shows that good and evil will alays be together....if that makes any sence lol anyways i hope u like it im very pleased with them
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