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Kai! <3
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Kairi-chan Kai! <3
prince_of_cydonia 2006-08-14 13:50:03 cool! kai's my fave charcter on the series :P nice work!love the expression
Def Character 2006-08-14 14:45:42 Nice one ^^
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Random art
well I doodled this one during dinner give me some hints please I know the hands suck
Hi there, well this was just some monster practice and just learned the word onida that´s demon whright?
WOOT! finally got my cover done for one of my new comics im drawing ^^; have a look and tell me if you like it, critics are most welcome too ^^
Cairat Paej......."ALTER SUMMONER"
yay for role-playing characters! xD  blah.  Not much to say, really, except that the chick's position gave me a damn hard time.  I still don't think I got her proportions all right >_o ah well
Sooo... Yeah. I stopped posting for a while... Hi guys. :P Just putting this up as proof I didn't die. It's not great, and I tried coloring it and failed, but Oh well. Crit welcome, but I know what's wrong with it.
a quick sketch of my avatar Mai Lan from gaiaonline ^-^
not finished but i like it so far, wow is been a while.. again
Alissa and Peter again, both my characters ^_^
This is a pic that has been on the back shelf for a while, im not sure if im going to switch the picture in the background yet, let me know what you think, comments welcome...
She is Clare from the manga called Claymore
Lee Henrik
Heres another big piece for me, the whole gang of Chrono Trigger. Done in pencil then switched the color a little bit in Photoshop. Im actually gonna use this as a cover for a 3 page story ill do next involving these guys :), so I hope you like it. Artwork by Xavier Garcia, Chrono Trigger, its characters and its logo are copyrighted to Squaresoft so theyve got all the rights in da world to do what they want with them, so there!-
The Raging Spaniard
LM MENTS page 8
wowie theres no blood
Me and my pen-friend Kate enjoying to making snowman in a happy winter day! ^^