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>>RYU vs KEN<<
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yuX >>RYU vs KEN<<
prince_of_cydonia 2006-08-14 13:53:48 nice work...theres good motion in the pick, my bets on ryu :) i think you should alter ryu's left leg it looks abit unatural ^^
Def Character 2006-08-14 14:47:34 Fine sketch nontheless...
CericCalas 2006-08-14 20:35:52 not sure what's up with the toes, but my bet's on guile, who will come in and sonic boom their butts outta the arena. nice sketch, i need to do some of that myself
Kheine 2006-08-15 07:26:32 my bet is on Ryu too cuz Ken is breaking his toes :P Its very good motion in this pic ^^ Awesome drwaing
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Random art
Jun form the show on cartoon network
Halloween 2006. Forgot where I had it :P
Finished Dragonflitters commision of her pony boys, Sunsheen and Takada *Dragonflitter from the My Little Pony Arena*. <br>

Just sharing the browser sized stamped sample on the Arena and Trading Post, in hopes of 1) getting Dragonflitter to pm me back so we can arrange her sending me payment and me giving her a copy of the full sized file and a print, and 2) advertising so I can bring in some more commisions to help pay for AnimeNEXT and Yaoi-con stuff.<br>

Luckily, I can still add a background if Dragonflitter wants one, so I just have to wait and see what she wants.<br><br>

Done all in Open Canvas 1.<br><i>

~~Bee 2/10/2006</i>
There was cold last saturday. I was in a cafe, with my friends so I started to draw directly on paper with a standard pen, without a previous sketch and I liked the results
Just checking out a new programe.
Yay, sunflower ^o^
germaine redrawn... one of Aphrodites characters... i guess you can call it fan art :)
recently i was inspired by an article i saw online: 
and i thought! hey i wanna do that too! :D so heres a quick rendition of goku!
Dustin C.
Geisha rocking out on a biwa :P
Dante-Chan is SUCH a cute Doll >w<

from the manga Vampire Doll
Chibi..elf..kitty thingie with wings (\(>w<)/)
I tried to ink it but my skills are laking in that department so instead I give to you the not so crappy pencil doodle XD
randomness is a necessity of life...every once and a while >_> but today was my once and a while so here you go :D messin around in ps with da hue jitter turned into a wierd dragon with chicken feet O_O
I've been working on this for quite some time now. I'm having trouble with the rips in the shirt, the wings, idea of what he's wearing, and a little bit of the proportions. And it was not supposed to look like me...Other than that I like it
This is Jo's agnry faic. >:C

Uh, little random study-hall induced crackdoodles. Blame my friend. These were actually on the opposite sides of the paper, but yay photoshop.