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got bored and made this
also my scanner is still broken:( so any way enjoy
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1-MM-1 got bored and made this also my scanner is still broken:( so any way enjoy
Def Character 2006-08-09 02:52:19 Groovy
yuX 2006-08-09 11:47:00 >COol man.........!!!!!!
Lozz 2006-08-10 07:09:06 Wow!!! ^0^
CericCalas 2006-08-14 20:37:32 psychodelic
Wicked_Lady 2006-09-03 09:18:45 SASUKE <3 Great picture! ^^
Hatch 2010-11-10 11:28:49 very very nice. wallpaper worthy :)
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This picture is of my own characters. It's a group picture of the Dark-N-Light group. I colored it with adobe photoshop.
Oooh, pretty. Well, i was trying to make a graphic art piece, but i ended up fully coloring it.
Dustin C.
Headshot of my old Gaia avi, Pandora.

(My gallery shows older work on the first page and new art on the last pages..Is there a way to change this?)
Kimono manga girl.
Lee Henrik
Pg 9 of Chap 7 AOY. Woot!
Quickie like in 30 minutes...

ehm...Think this drawing in 50% of hardwork´... i draw a bit better anyway...

Some guys, as you see im not very good in drawing hair, and the 2 guys arent standin with eachother. Just some other practising sketch.
this is a sketch I maby work out , when I have extra time. I like it a little, the pose is nice
This is Shiro playing the flute-- duh. ^^ COMMENT ARE ALWAYS APPRECIATED! ^^
originally posted at:
evil lizard
Another Photoshop test
...I totally did NOT mean to delete this... *smashes head against the door* Oh well... I fixed it up some... >>; Anywho, dude's name is Drahkernym (Drah-care-nim) and he's youkai. Future lord of the youkai I guess. I might make a fic starring him... Reminds me of Nadil (Dragon Knights), Orphen (Sorcerer Stabber Orphen), and Dark (D.N.Angel) mashed together >_>;; aren't the colors all nice and blended together? xD
justgot open canvas VER4 PLUS
frist picture i did in it 
any way i am back every thing got worked out  so i am back