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>> boy & a gurl...(*.*)
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yuX >> boy & a gurl...(*.*)
Kimiko 2006-08-04 03:12:22 Very good!! ^-^
Def Character 2006-08-04 03:51:01 Deep ^^
Marius 2006-08-04 04:26:31 Nicely drawn, good style and interesting handwriting you got. Keep it up :)
yuX 2006-08-04 06:40:10 hauahuahauaaaa.....(^.^)
lotsofblood 2006-08-04 15:05:33 ya this is great
yuX 2006-08-04 20:21:02 >>JusT anoTHer LIfE- LifE housE (BOy) >>HEllena- My cHEmicaL ROmAncE (GuRL)
Nightwind 2006-08-08 05:11:47 i like this style! I did some artworks with texts behind the aswell that is soooo cool !! i like it lots!
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I've been so busy lately I've had almost no time to draw or post anything so, I decided to post what I have of this peice. I haven't seen fanart of this in quite a while. Some of you on MWS might hate me for bringing it back, but oh well. ^^;; I apologize. He's my favorite character from the popular Naruto series and something tells me he'd never end up in this condition. Like I said, this isn't complete yet. I was gonna have a lot of bodies around him.. but I  figured that would take a while for me to do. Hope you all like what I have so far.
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