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>> boy & a gurl...(*.*)
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yuX >> boy & a gurl...(*.*)
Kimiko 2006-08-04 03:12:22 Very good!! ^-^
Def Character 2006-08-04 03:51:01 Deep ^^
Marius 2006-08-04 04:26:31 Nicely drawn, good style and interesting handwriting you got. Keep it up :)
yuX 2006-08-04 06:40:10 hauahuahauaaaa.....(^.^)
lotsofblood 2006-08-04 15:05:33 ya this is great
yuX 2006-08-04 20:21:02 >>JusT anoTHer LIfE- LifE housE (BOy) >>HEllena- My cHEmicaL ROmAncE (GuRL)
Nightwind 2006-08-08 05:11:47 i like this style! I did some artworks with texts behind the aswell that is soooo cool !! i like it lots!
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Random art

Made this one for the boyfriend of my fiancee's sister (is that called brother-in-law as well?, i dunno..)

For free of course, except the fact he has to pay me the material cost back. I got to do whatever i wanted with this one, and seeing the fact that my Paintjob Gallery was a bit plain on the color side ...

It's Teddy Bear rampaging on other cute monsters! Instead of using a horse, he's captured a giant candy-cane squid monster to destroy them! That'll teach 'em.

Can you spot the blue monster that's about to get crushed? Ow, and the other monster is bitch slapping the other one, like; 'snap out of it!' ^-^

Colors used : Vanilla/Baby blue for the joysticks and Honey Orange/Baby Blue for the console.


Other paintjobs and visit my website BleedingViolin for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.
>>loNely faCe....<<
Did this some time ago, just got back into drawing, first time here guys second post
i couldnt sleep last night so i draw something. What i like: the colors i think they are pretty; her clothes (yes her little clothes), and the messy colorwork. What i dnt like: her right knee looks to thin, her hip area also looks odd because of the skirt; although i like the messy colorwork i think i went to messy X_X -->>C&C welcome<<--
a sniper cyborg. name's snipe. (c) emerson tung.
Random "I have now idea what I'm doing but I'm still doing it" picture. Total mess. ^_^
I made this picture out of boredom, I had alot of things I should have drawn instead but I just felt like making something that's got nothing to do with anything.... so I came up with this! The process of this picture was I made stuff up along the way, it starded with me drawing just another Nude, then I decided to draw the animal behind her.. then I thought 'He! she should be an amazon so then the tattoo's came and the dark skin and the 'african back-ground'.

I really like the way it came out... I hope you do too!!!
Sup. I haven't been here in a while.
Really old sketch of Gatha, one of my OCs that belong to a project I'm working on and hope to make a webmanga. Or something. ... This is from back in the day when I still drew in styles that mimicked other artists because I was too dumb to have my own style. :| ... His proportions are way off. 8D I'm mostly just submitting this so I can contribute something other than fanart to this site. :B I'll put up more OC things later.
Whoa my account is still alive O_O. Hi guys, long time :)
The ultimate fight is about to begin. Hyper Phase vs Da-Volt! This took quite a lot of time rendering and editing as I've mixed drawings, lighting effects and real images into the background. It was tough making it all look together! Hope you all like this promotional piece ^_^
What I think of it? The lineart is just... terrible, I mean really really awfull and the coloring is all wrong at a lot of places and proportions are wrong and something is missing somewhere and and and.... Ah hell, just comment on it!
I like this one's evil
what's in a name eh?
ahhh.. this is one of my favorite drawings i've ever done... feet look a little weird o.O but it's an older drawing.. what do you think? give me the shpeal seal!!