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>>swEEt MeMory...(^.^)
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yuX >>swEEt MeMory...(^.^)
Def Character 2006-08-02 06:49:27 You need a patient inker...
mama_logon 2006-08-02 10:17:57 good perspective, but need some details
Zeph 2006-08-02 14:06:09 it seems it has a TON of details..but in some parts like the shirts..there's none. i like the perspective though. awesome job on the guy's face
Killer-Kun 2006-08-02 15:58:41 It looks pretty nice, i like the style and the details, the only thing bothering me here is his right arm, it's like... bended? But i repeat, everything else looks awesome, keep up the good work.
CericCalas 2006-08-14 20:41:56 this drawing sent me down memory lane--beautiful.
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Random art
Nothing much lately. Only this pic. I know it's awfully.. correct? I wanna put more creativity onto the few drawings I make. (no more oc-drawing maybe ;D)
my friend drew a boxer dude for an art project and made me want to come up with one of my own ha.
well this year at school u could 
chose to also get a little bid of game design. so now we have to make our own webgame .. but i always like to make some work of it .. so im making art for it :3.. here is the one u will be playing
Furapujaku no Bouken
Dustin C.
I based the character on anime characters like sunako from wallflower. This drawing was pretty much the result of my experimentation using manga studio :D
Blonde Girl missing her Boyfriend
This is Jewls, when he was a kid :)
Another quick sketch... :P
I know the head's too big for the body... (again :S)
Btw, I changed my name>> rinoaxx = gone :D
tihihi drawed my friends ^^ hope she likes it :D
heres pg two tuh my manga
Heh art piece i chanced upon when i was tidying my pc desktop...
A poster i helped my sis to improve on for her sch competition. Its a bit dirty but do enjoy~! ^^
well its a big new fad over at that "other" art community, so i'll share the fruits of my labor here. ^_^
its called a 'Pixel ID'
Dustin C.
Fanart of Naruto.