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>>MalAY gurl...(>.<)
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yuX >>MalAY gurl...(>.<)
Def Character 2006-08-02 06:48:22 Me likes ^_^
Zeph 2006-08-02 14:07:20 nice pose
Kimiko 2006-08-03 03:44:32 Very good!! ^0^
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Random art
finally i finished this picture...took forever to color and make the backround...
Manga Art
Another Feyra, created for the sole purpose of giving Artemis someone to cuddle. ^^ (I need to draw that, too)
Coco Neko (stage name) is an exotic dancer and is one of the very few Feyras to actually shave. (legs, arms, chest . . . ) The company he works for prefers their dancers "smooth". He met Artemis one night when he (Artemis) was moon dancing alone on a beach. Let's just say they hit it off. ^_~
I gave Coco dark coloring because . . . well, I was tired of doing pale bish all the time and wanted some diversity. ^^; I hope he's not *too* dark . . . 
.05 mm HB mechanical pencil-->>Paint Shop Pro 8.1
Sketch of my cyber-babe sherrif. Is it big enough?
will post color when completed. ^^
Dustin C.
from xmen can u guess who ?
just came back for my famly trip
This character doesn't feel any remorse despite the fact that he's just been kicked out of Michael's crowd. Look what's happened to him - he's lost one of his wings & he's sprouted horns! Well, they didn't do anything to ruin his good looks, did they?
I've decided to abandon the other rikku pic, simply because I didn't really feel like finishing it (and I was completely unsatisfied with her face), so here's a new one :)
This one isn't finished either, but eh, it's -more- finished >.>
Ray and Mike, my shounen-ai couple. 
Ray is the blackhaired one, Mike is the blondhaired one. 
Its a little old art, since Mike has a new haircut now and Im over page 500 with my manga XD
My own manga called "Rebirth"
this is page number 1
Nah, worked long on this one. My inspiration was on a holiday trip somewhere in the mountains that day, untill it suddenly came home and I made this one^^ (Hope you like it, this whole photoshop-thingy is new for me, so...)
Just a sketch of a hand holdign a pocket watch
I'm trying to make a story again, but this is a doodle of some chara's i want to use. I actually don't have names for them and Kesuke was just made up ^^;;
done in art class with some photoshop edit