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Nikotine Someone.....:P
Zeph 2006-07-24 12:56:31 dynasty say is right in practicing anatomy
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-07-24 14:15:36 this is one hell of a cowbut moooo!!
Animesa 2006-07-25 08:09:08 what is it a he or a she??
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Random art
Bloodelf fanart from WoW
Did this one a couple years ago too, about the same time as the other one. It's an original character of mine from one of my comics, King Asiris Bridon, something of a warrior King.
I just did this because I was really I wnated to make a drawing with more action in it..
this is aother picture form the black buttler i love drawing dresses so this was a good fit for me though it took forever
a fast sketched out pose. not too happy with the hand ion the back. but yeah...practice! will be fixed soon
in a strange castle, the knights kneel..
suppose to be our cheering costume but it was changed into a cooler costume...if i have time...i'll later draw it....thanks...i was just practicing to do shadowing....hehehe
I know, I know, it's terrible, it's on lined paper. Sorry! -_-' But I wanted to upload something, and I actually quite like this one. They could be brother and sister, or they could secretly like each other, or they could secretly hate each just depends on what you see in it, and that's why I like this one ^_^ Drew this during class btw.
sketch for my character from my manga"plague"
wanted to make something random, i like the head however i think the rest is wacksause cause i just slapped it on without thought :(, hope you guys like it, well at least the head part...
more stuff, hopefully I can keep up this drawing momentum!
a little test with my tablet on open canvas, not bad eh?
Inuyasha copyright Rumiko Takahashi.

And forgive me for forgetting the blade!!!! T^T