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sorry i colored it
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1-MM-1 sorry i colored it
WOLF 2006-07-21 05:46:58 wow i think its very prettypretty !!
Nagashiwa 2006-07-21 08:52:31 this is so coool!!
Zeph 2006-07-21 11:55:35 i like it..but the right side of her hair (her left) looks wierd because of the lense flare. great job coloring though
Joou 2006-07-21 12:43:54 Did he actually give you permission to color this?
r7ll 2006-07-23 08:45:02 Great colouring job! Nice use of tones ^^
mama_logon 2006-07-31 10:58:58 good technique... but still I think you miss something
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Random art
Hii everyone i'm new to mangaworkshop. A friend of mine gave me this site to upload and rate my art. This is a random sketch I made in about 20 minutes. I was a bit bored so I decided to draw Chibbi..Enjoy :D
this is my latest character design :3 its not finished yet but it will be soon ^-^ piz lemme know what you think so far^-^
just a page frome my sketchbook saske and some chicks whatever
cutting wrists is fun
this is Hayate when he transformed. his name has become Shin, wich means "True". This is 2 years later though, so I tried to make him look more mature. and he got short hair, like I do now. his transformation btw is not physical but in ways of energy and technique. so you know ^_^
New cover for my comic BLUEPRiNT
Generally about street + highway racing in Toronto, Canada. I'll add more to the description later, and this is the rough, uncoloured cover as you can tell. hope people like this!!
number two!!

 I haven't posted in so long before I forgot my Login to manga Work shop. How Stupid of me x-x;
this is Maru Nagashiwa, Kenji's sister and Hayate's Girl friend in the manga ^_^ but I guess you already know, or don't you ^_~
My main caracter from botom view loking up at him. 

Note: This is my first atempt at up view of my caracters.
/// Outlines: brown and pink crayon 
/// Medium: TRIA-Pantone Marker, pastel chalk 
/// Paper type: colorlaserprint (very smooth); 80g/m2 
/// Size: 19 x 19 cm 
/// Time: 6 h 
me hungry. feed me.