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This is ginko.

he's made of bugs and adorable.
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Kkachi This is ginko. he's made of bugs and adorable.
rb 2006-07-20 02:03:54 cool, your geat! =)
WOLF 2006-07-21 09:27:40 beautiful colors ^^
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Random art
colored it...with...lemon drops? @_@
i just love ice cream.... it can turn me into a monster.... the girl is somehow made according to my resemblance.... ^____^ so happy living with ice cream
another one ;P a bit older sumwhat...
hi it been while since i last uploaded art =^-^= iv been trying realy hard to get better at shading .....and now i am really happy with progress iv made ^-^ heres my gothic made and lil freind in a more summery setting u hope u like is piz oiz comment ;3
tymagic mom asked me if i wanted some cake and this is wat i thought up ^_^ haha

umm basically i did it really yeah ^_^ dont be harsh it took me all of 10 mins >:O
ive already made this 2 weeks ago but i seemed to have forgotten to add it here ^^ 
im using it for my site layout ( site isnt online yet tough ^-^'  first gonna make more comic pages )
hmm.. begining to love illustrating. am i improving?
Merry XMAS!
Chopper and Ussop from the manga One Piece!
Dustin C.
Opening a special box
Birthday present for a friend. Yes it will be colored. Yes I worked my butt off on it. Critique if you want, but i don't plan on fixing it.
LM MENTS page 12
Page from Adventures of Yaz. Go Check it out!
older drawing. I messed up the head/neck, but I actually did a background for once.