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Tachi's Model Sheet for VOID, hope you like it!
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Dustin C. Tachi's Model Sheet for VOID, hope you like it!
Dustin C. 2006-07-14 17:20:01 What do you mean?
NikA 2006-07-14 22:04:46 looks ok <3. Except the back view, the head is not centered and he is falling ... k k k im being a pain XD but the shirt's fold around his shoulder blades (spelling?) is odd like if he were wearing spandex instead of a shirt. The anatomy on the serious model looks great specially the arms. Question: why do you have purple, red and black on the color palette? (i am just curious)
Dustin C. 2006-07-15 04:30:58 red for his eyes. black for his hair and other stuff thats black, and purple for the curse aura of the pencil.
Zeph 2006-07-19 20:45:27 score! now i can color pictures of Tachi and make it look like him!!!!! The serious model picture is the better one (what a suprise). Where did you find that emblem for his shirt? cuz i have a shirt like that too....
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