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This is the cover of my supposedly BST series -_-
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shanana This is the cover of my supposedly BST series -_-
Kimiko 2006-07-10 10:26:03 Ow very nice!! ^-^
Def Character 2006-07-10 23:34:27 Freaky...
yurusanzo 2006-07-11 06:28:57 look like you drew it in ms paint, and jagged pics rock ass even if you didnt do it on purpose tho it looks like you did to me, thumbs up :)
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Random art
something i'am working on
Domo Kun. Non commercial work, Domo is licensed by NHK, Japan.

This is my second Xbox 360 console paintjob, done for my sister in law.

Original can be viewed here;
Hideo, made of bodyparts from Kazahana family members.
Pan in Greek religion & mythology, is the god of shepherds  & flocks, of mountain wilds, hunting & rustic music. He is often identified with a flute, pipe or some other wind instrument. I just made up the set of pipes in my drawing. I'm sure Pan could figure out how to play a tune on it, eh?
This is a story about 2 kids, their village was attacked by a powerful demon. These 2 who have escaped now begin their journey to become the strongest swordsman and priest-spellcaster! And hopefully they rescue the world from the demons! ;p
Final Kiel...
This is TATSUO (竜夫) one of new character in MICHINORI
yukinori asuka
My main character of the story.
Jin Shiden
The guy actually is a vampire, u cant see it now tough, want to make it a bit bloody when i color it and give the woman bite marks in her neck ^^
Got slightly use tot he tablet abit. this is my 2nd drawing with the tablet and drawn with it ^_^;; Abit sloppy tho, lol
the third page of princess nightmare
Characters for something I'm working on.
I drew this standing up in a dark theater room at Kunicon when I found out that Vic (Voice of Edward Elric) would be autographing the 5th, not the 6th. I was in the back of the consert hall listing to Piano Squall play (he's really good! o__o)I only had around 23 minuets to do it, to so it's really crappy... >_< Oh yeah, Ed is saying "curse you, pocky!" Because my best friends and I got huge stomache aches from the pocky... O_o And the arrow to Al's head says "Has no clue what is going on"