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Long time no post, have a school cat girl. ;)
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Yao Long time no post, have a school cat girl. ;)
Def Character 2006-07-06 21:38:39 Mewow... Prrrrr =3
Killer-Kun 2006-07-07 02:36:37 OMG
Dustin C. 2006-07-07 04:46:52 haha, teddy bear undies ^^ awesome stuff!
Kimiko 2006-07-07 05:13:26 The colors are awesome!!!, as always.. ^0^
TheDarkHell 2006-07-08 02:15:09 niceee
Uezurii 2006-07-08 11:59:13 whoa so good! I wish I could draw and colour like you do >_<
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-07-09 11:11:35 Haha she has a spot under her tail, Great detail ;)
r7ll 2006-07-10 15:56:29 Lovely colouring style, sketchy, clean and smooth in one combo. This picture's awesome.
lotsofblood 2006-07-13 17:15:39 another ultimately awesome drawing
Perfect_Sollitude 2006-07-13 17:57:40 Nice, clean, professional ^^
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Random art
For MILKY and other KAKASHIFANS!! I'm so glad the drawing worked out well. I'd made a lot of sketches, but this one was the best. Enjoy it!!
page 3
First time i drew myself :P I drew myself with a scooter. My parents said that i would get one around 28 dec. Really hope i get one... Pray for me :P    
Ps. Any critisms or comments are welcome :D

melancholy. c+c pls
Hi! I just came across this site and I thought I join and share with you some of my works and manga ideas. This piece I call "Sakura" since I did this during last spring. This character is one of my orginal manga characters that goes by the name of "Lin" I'll dicuss about her later ^_^ enjoy!
umm...a vampire lady...eyeing the neck of her victim...
ray and mike XD
Ray can fly btw
Lilith is believed to have originated as a female Mesopotamian storm demon associated with wind & was thought to be a bearer of disease, illness & death. In ancient Semitic folklore, Lilith is a female demon who attacks children.
Just something I doodled on PS 7 :D
"I found it on the doorstep~" ... yeah. More Ling. 8D
Cover page for my new manga, Sealed Memory. I want to use this for a manga competition. -- Inked by Pilot G-tech and Sharpie. Color by color pencil.
Finally finished it, took me over 6 hours!!! C&C welcome^^
I call this picture, "Handel's Girl."