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Hi people! I'm new, so i'll start off with something i created very recently. I hope this art is pleasing to the eye, critics and stuff are greatly appreciated ^.^
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FatalError Hi people! I'm new, so i'll start off with something i created very recently. I hope this art is pleasing to the eye, critics and stuff are greatly appreciated ^.^
Def Character 2006-07-05 01:11:59 Welcome aboard FatalError ... Woah lot's of details very good. Is this the birth of a cyborg? The intestins are a bit freaky... O.O
FatalError 2006-07-05 05:16:58 Yeah! this kind of represents a birth of a cyborg, thanks! =^.^=
Kimiko 2006-07-05 10:37:34 Awesome!!! Everthing looks great!!! ^0^You're very good in drawing, *wish that I was that good too ^-^*
VESTA 2006-07-10 18:46:27 I think the face is not realistic because its a cyborg. Thus, a plastic face, I think. It could also look like the faces of those cyborgs in Ergo Proxy. That would be more logical. But yeah. ;D Nice work, altough it's not my cuppah tea. >.<
lotsofblood 2006-07-13 17:11:30 much details in the background this is neat
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Random art
There aren't any good color artworks of Garla (main chara of my manga Gott Gauss) and she is a little romanticist, thus I wanted to draw a christmas image with her.^^

Who does she buy all this gifts for? @_@

Outlines: black fineliner COPIC Multi Line' 0,05 mm
Medium: Copic Ciao, opaque white, white crayon
Paper type: satined Color Copy laserprint-paper (Neusiedler); 120g/m²
Size: A4 (21 x 29,7 cm)
Time: 4,5 h
[[titled 'Amazon America']] Done in copics.
This one I did for someone very special. I think it turned out pretty good, this being the first time I attempted drawing a dragon (or anything fantasy like). What do you people think?
this is a small dress thing i drew for my cuz.a long time ago.
No topic, but lots of words. Here's basically a scene out of my manga DreamWorld of Dante (aka Death) staring out only to see Tabi. The scene is that Dante(Death) saw someone but couldn't find her, so he sits in the cafe with Lorlei(Angel of Justice) and Billy(Angel of Love) when all of a sudden, he sees her, so being the awesome guy he is, he proceeds to just stare out at her, and since he's Death, he's cold which explains the ice on the windows.  Now this one took me a while, but I like how it came out. There are things on Tabi that I would love to go back and change though.

Drawn, inked, colored, about 30 layers, painted all on Photoshop CS with my wacom tablet. Took me a good amount of 4-6 hours.

Tabi, Dante, DreamWorld and all its characters are copyrighted 2005 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque
I just made this for an avatar, what do you think?
sigh, finally took some time to finish this during my busy schedules.
yea, i got lazy to draw the proper ball, so i just place a circle there, haha. just use your imagination to replace the ball with another object, i dunno when i will have the time to colour it tho. anyhow, back to assignments and studying for my exams.
hey its finished! remember that sketch i did a few weeks ago? well here is the end results! what do you thinhk, would you go see the movie?
Dustin C.
The Cover of the current and first volumne of my manga that I'm working on!!!see it at.
page 4
a fearsom dark angel who will destroy any who stands in her way. shes also an early character of mine^-^
this is my last work
comment in forum pls
An Aceo fan art of Priss Asagiri from Bubblegum crisis tokyo 2040. 

I did this for Avcon this year, and sold a couple of them :D

Character not mine. It is Fan art.
well here is the background of my christmiss card i thought i just showed because it was really some work to make its al done in photoshop whit a very cheap tablet ^^