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it is edward!!! i love him so much >.<
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Chi-chan it is edward!!! i love him so much >.<
Zeph 2006-07-01 22:09:04 nice wind effect. but the picture is sooooo big.
Def Character 2006-07-02 12:41:38 Very good ^^
Nasuri 2006-07-04 05:09:55 Woh! so cool !!!T'his very cute!!! And soooooo beautyful!!!
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Random art
Please compare this to my other pic that looks almost identical to this one. My friend inked it so tell me what you think. :) Yes I know that the ink smeared so please don't comment on that.
My Characters from "Outkastz"
Susan - Shes one of the oldest vampires in the city, though she likes to blend in
Myska - Shes in her lynx form, right hand to Susan, also helps recruit and find people who are different frind sanctuary in the underground hideout Susan has created, under the bar called Outkastz... still workin on the story, lol
I hope you like this one^^
SUNSET BEACHFLOWERS was a sketch, ended up in a fullcolor pic as well^^. I like the design of the art. And the colorchoice as well. It has a nice feeling to it I think. It has some small flaws, but I can live with that ^^;;. Hope you will like this one :)
heh heh...done for my art class a year or so with reds!!
a present for the groop Janne Da Arc
^^ I'v write some more.. but I only upload the artwork i'v draw^^
xD another textbook sketch. I might've overdone her hair O_o
Pokemon art for the Homage thread. You can view the topic here:

Though I'm not thoroughly satisfied with how it turned out, it's good enough. 

About 30 minutes for the pencil work, then 4 to 5 hours in Photoshop CS.
cows are the mooiest =3 ... XD i got that from a kid's song, it was cute so *hugs cow* i tried to make it cute *hugs cow again*. Oh, btw, i got my site running
Its a mecha so fat that it can't fight well so it uses puppets
more unfinished stuff for your viewing pleasure heh heh.
greeds the best
winged kid