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it is edward!!! i love him so much >.<
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Chi-chan it is edward!!! i love him so much >.<
Zeph 2006-07-01 22:09:04 nice wind effect. but the picture is sooooo big.
Def Character 2006-07-02 12:41:38 Very good ^^
Nasuri 2006-07-04 05:09:55 Woh! so cool !!!T'his very cute!!! And soooooo beautyful!!!
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Random art
AAahh!! School has already started, what a nightmare!! o.0 , here's a drawing that I colored with water colored pencils, first time!! ^^ But I changed the eyes with painter and I used the tool fairy dust. So I named this drawing: 'Meisje met paraplu en sterretjes' XD briljante naam tog XD
Page two of the old first chapter of my manga story...looking for artist still...
character from my manga
A collerd a old Drawing again^^
Pirate Captain Kawa. Designed by Ben Krefta from Organic Metal
Kingdom Hearts 2 STILL hasn't been released in the U.K !!!!
If we fell bad it reflects in our drawings, but in the end it ended up OK.
Lined this one. the clouds will be gone when I colored this. anyone who wants to color this may do so, but credit me please. enjoy, I hope I did a good job ^^'
This is the illustration I made for the CIL contest 2005. The topic has been friendship... and I know it's the typical motiv, but since I draw a comic too, I want to draw a light illu for the illustration contest.

Well.. it's for Lysander, since the picture is for her.
Wow, it's been a really long time since i uploaded some work here. Time has past ( i think, 4-5 years or so?) and i've finally found the time, strength, patience and will to upload some new work.

This one's about an emo kid getting caught up in a fight after school.

Tools : Wacom Tablet / Corel Painter X / PS CS2
Production Time : App. 4 hrs.

Please do visit my DeviantArt, since i can't check here all the time :
wowie theres no blood
i draw my art work on microsoft paint and colour it in on photopaint i try to get the best effect i can. this is my emo maid who has a very dark side -_-. i hope u like her^-^
^^ this one.. 
I hope you like it.
it doesn't matter if you don;t like it^^
shes from shugo chara...