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It's summer and im drawing really often ^^ Here's another one color choice picture ^^
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Kheine It's summer and im drawing really often ^^ Here's another one color choice picture ^^
Kimiko 2006-07-01 10:32:43 Amezing!!! Just love the eyes and the colors ^0^
Zeph 2006-07-01 14:11:34 this is awesome. her expression is great
Def Character 2006-07-02 12:40:23 Cloudster thumbs up for the face ^_^
r7ll 2006-07-02 14:35:49 Ooh that's gorgeous! All of it!
Zeph 2006-07-02 16:20:24 I never said this...but I love your new style
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-07-03 05:28:14 I want to kiss her ;) Great
Nasuri 2006-07-04 05:12:56 AAAH! very nice!! T'his sooo cool!!!^0^
VESTA 2006-07-04 08:45:50 ^__^ Pretty! Her shoulders are too small though.
FatalError 2006-07-05 05:31:44 Very nicely done, my only points are the body's proportion and maybe reconsider the lips?
Deetris 2006-07-05 06:54:16 Wow that's awsome dude! *drools*
lotsofblood 2006-07-13 17:09:51 now this is something! really cool
edragon 2006-07-19 06:24:00 Damn I like this one. I've always liked grayscale and I love the "painted brush" digital style.
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Random art
Hey MWS! Gah, it's been forever. I'm gonna try and stick around this time. Here's a rather boring sketch I made recently of the amazing Nicholas D. Wolfwood. Yes, he is shoulderless and mostly torsoless, but that's what resulted of the sketch. :P
Critiques and comments are of course welcome. (t) 10 minutes
still working on making anime type artwork.  2nd attempt.
page 1
main characters of my manga
this is the cover of my naruto doujin which i never finished :)
from my sister...
hi all, been a while =) (maybe not as long as I think XD) I was doodling around and one of those doodles is this girl right here =) I am in the mood for this kind of situations the last few days XD guess what my other doodles are XD" hahaha. owh! I used photoshop this time! my desktop barely survived XD I wanted this piece to look fresh ^_^ hope I succeeded.
when I read/watch a series I like, I always think, 'if I had a character in this series, how would she be?' and then make one~

This is the character I made for Dragon Half~
more old stuff.  A color pencil project I did in college.  Once I found photoshop I edited it with some digital effects.  I've gotten better with my color skills since then ha ha.
This is a fanart of Underworld(Kate Beckinsale is hot...). I loved this movie, it reminded me of my larping days... *sigh* (update)
Chinese martial Robot - Yin and Yang.
Well, here's the colored version of my astroidegirl! It looks a bit fuzzy and crappy but I hope you can look through that and like it! I spent quite some time coloring this one, so please comment!
pretty cool eh?
damn proud of it, that I am.
part 1 of three...does it look familiar at all?