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It's summer and im drawing really often ^^ Here's another one color choice picture ^^
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Kheine It's summer and im drawing really often ^^ Here's another one color choice picture ^^
Kimiko 2006-07-01 10:32:43 Amezing!!! Just love the eyes and the colors ^0^
Zeph 2006-07-01 14:11:34 this is awesome. her expression is great
Def Character 2006-07-02 12:40:23 Cloudster thumbs up for the face ^_^
r7ll 2006-07-02 14:35:49 Ooh that's gorgeous! All of it!
Zeph 2006-07-02 16:20:24 I never said this...but I love your new style
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-07-03 05:28:14 I want to kiss her ;) Great
Nasuri 2006-07-04 05:12:56 AAAH! very nice!! T'his sooo cool!!!^0^
VESTA 2006-07-04 08:45:50 ^__^ Pretty! Her shoulders are too small though.
FatalError 2006-07-05 05:31:44 Very nicely done, my only points are the body's proportion and maybe reconsider the lips?
Deetris 2006-07-05 06:54:16 Wow that's awsome dude! *drools*
lotsofblood 2006-07-13 17:09:51 now this is something! really cool
edragon 2006-07-19 06:24:00 Damn I like this one. I've always liked grayscale and I love the "painted brush" digital style.
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Random art
This is a character me and my friends came up with. I do the artwork and most of the story, but me and my friends team up on it and come up with some hilarious stuff. I might post some of it.
porttrait sketch of fellow moderator def-c!
Dustin C.
Illustration asignment for school. I didn't have much time to color so it's a big rush job. Maybe I'll recolor it one day..

EDIT: yeah, I recolored it :)
This here is a character I created for my original story called "War of the Arts." The character's name is Kazuki Dekiru (Kazuki means "birth of a new generation," and Dekiru means "capable). He is a 14-year old practioner of Taijutsu and can manipulate fire, but he is somewhat unaware of his true ability. He is also strong-willed yet defensive of those who insult him because of how he is unable to understand martial arts the same way most of his other peers can. As a result, he is classified as a "disabled being."

When I drew Kazuki, I first used a H and 4B pencil to roughly draw and shade the character. Then I used 08, 05, 03, and 005 pigma micro pens to ink the outlines. Finally, I used tombow (I think that's what it's called) markers to color .

Feel free to leave any comments about the character.
another alela pic. im working on fighting poses for her.
The kiss of death in color

C & C pleAse
i coloured it in wid penicil crayomnns duno how else to do it
*trying to fix this again.. cross your fingers*<br>

I am baaaaaaack! X3 <br>
Yep, it took a 'headache' and a big disappointment to finally realize I made a big mistake by leaving MWS, but I've been given the go ahead and re-joined. <br>
Okay, something about the pic here... this was for a poster project we did in Sakuranbo Studios *a budding yaoi art group*. It's Simon and Ellis, all snuggly, yes there are some posters left over from Yaoi-con of this and my other one. Red pen sketch in sketchbook, lightboxed pencils and india ink and brush on card stock, scanned into Adobe Photoshop 6 and colored. <br><i>~~Bee, Jan. 2005</i>
Background added ^^


for some kind of reson, it disapeared from my acount ¬¬
yet again kunigunde von turneck, from Kätchen von Heilbron. I was inspired by our schoolplay (I'm in it too^^v) one of my friends is kunigunde, so I drawed her ^^'
I was trying out a new style to draw with, because my current style isn't appealing enough ( at least that's what I think ) anyway, this is the kind of style I want to use for my next doujin, I think..(>.>) still experimenting
hey there! i have been gone for some time now =3. Anyway, look NikA did a pretty bird ^o^. I also got a new computer and now i can draw to fit in an A4 paper at 300 dpi *_* ... ok: what i like: the bird, thats it all ... what i dont like: damn perspective it always beats me, and her fingers =3 they are not anime-ish D=