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I edited it ^^ how ya think Defmaster? I really must thank you for saying how i should about the pic ^^
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Kheine I edited it ^^ how ya think Defmaster? I really must thank you for saying how i should about the pic ^^
Zeph 2006-06-30 19:26:59 i think he'd yell at you for no bubbles. this is awesome
Def Character 2006-06-30 22:01:03 WHERE ARE THE BUBBLES... LOL just kidding ^_^ I am a bit of a dreamer and this BG was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw your dragon. I guess you visualized it AOK b^_^d
Kheine 2006-07-01 03:34:24 The bubbles! They were tooo hard to draw! You make em Mr DefMaster!! Plzzzzzzz i tried to make some as you can see... those faggy things on the right...
r7ll 2006-07-02 14:39:05 I love the BG, particularly the way the light enters the water.. wow
FatalError 2006-07-05 05:34:05 Nice monster, very sleek form ^_6
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Random art
Sketching in the bus on my way to work 6^^
Def Character
Manga Art
This is my Chameleon, I painted it with acrylpaint. Wat do u guys think of it ;) I now It aint manga, but I still wanna to show you
A night elf from world of warcraft :) based on my night elf druid
Look at the middle face...
the guy says something in the line of: hey i should actualy do this,or go there,whatever.
and the girl says something like,blablabla what ever come one:)
anyway,i wanted to draw something more in the "romantic" kind of scene.
Sketch, sketch, sketch.... ^^'
Def Character
hi it been while since i last uploaded art =^-^= iv been trying realy hard to get better at shading .....and now i am really happy with progress iv made ^-^ heres my gothic made and lil freind in a more summery setting u hope u like is piz oiz comment ;3
I don't have a name for this character yet but i'll just call her fighter girl 4 now
yay bit old Ral fan-art i found :D i ussually dont do fanart but i like this one ^^
comment! :)
Fanart of Raven from the Teen Titans cartoon show. Though I did this one a little while back, I thought I'd take a moment to post it here while I'm in the process of getting my new stuff ready to go.
Another Request for someone from DA. Was also supposed to be chibi...meh
unfinished, but I am still working on it ;).