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I edited it ^^ how ya think Defmaster? I really must thank you for saying how i should about the pic ^^
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Kheine I edited it ^^ how ya think Defmaster? I really must thank you for saying how i should about the pic ^^
Zeph 2006-06-30 19:26:59 i think he'd yell at you for no bubbles. this is awesome
Def Character 2006-06-30 22:01:03 WHERE ARE THE BUBBLES... LOL just kidding ^_^ I am a bit of a dreamer and this BG was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw your dragon. I guess you visualized it AOK b^_^d
Kheine 2006-07-01 03:34:24 The bubbles! They were tooo hard to draw! You make em Mr DefMaster!! Plzzzzzzz i tried to make some as you can see... those faggy things on the right...
r7ll 2006-07-02 14:39:05 I love the BG, particularly the way the light enters the water.. wow
FatalError 2006-07-05 05:34:05 Nice monster, very sleek form ^_6
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Random art
hehehee... my master who taught me how to ice skate....

after the ice skating event, i was kinda surprised that i was brave enough to even ask some of my friends to go for an ice skate in mall of asia....

later did i know that ice skating is not that easy... thanks to my friends who really made it possible for me to learn how to ice skate (kahit medyo nagtampo ako aksi biglang napostpone....)
red in chiibi form again... i swear this character is like my poster child or something D:
This is an animation that actually burnt into my retna one day. A flying fiery bird.
Critiquing welcome
This is a good couple of years old now, it's page 4 of my comic Friction Burn. I got 8 pages done before my computer crashed on me back then. I think this is still one of the best panel layouts I've ever done and to this day I still love the flow of the page.
Wah... the server destroyed the pic, so I upload it again ;_; I'm gonna delete the other... well, so the comments too, so give me some new ones please!

This one is the last picture I make of Limit Control so far... LC is my first manga, and it has ca. 50 pages... still I haven't finished it yet. Well, I like this one very much, it's the best I ever draw of them. Shingo and Ken (black hair) are very dear to me. Still... I won't finish the manga, cause my style changed so much. Maybe I'm going to start working on LC again...
this is a quick sketch of woo a charecter in the manga im thinking of
test 1
test 2
test 3
Cache Character Sheet

I had fun with this one, yesterday i found some old pictures and i tried to make this one look like i found it in the garbage :3 tell me what you think
Manga Art
big spoiler to my fanfic, but it's just sutch a cute drawing ^^ I do think that D-Jinn turned out a bit to young. Jad and D-Jinn are both highly respected (and wanted) chars of LINK ©!^^
Another birthday pic. ^^ This one's for my good friend Yohtan.
Warning: cross-dressing bishonen!
Inspired by Martin Gore of Depache Mode and Yohtan's fondness for putting pretty boys in dresses and corsets! ^_~
I used a lightbox with this pic, can you tell? ^_~
man, I haven't been active in a shitlong time. I know because my account got deleted. Just when I decided to check how things went around here!
anyway, hope you like this little.. burton-inspired piece. I'd like a bit of C&C (meaning, if you think something on the pic is wrong, say what and how to remedy said fault)