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The many forms of Sora!!!
Colored in Photoshop.
Enjoy ^-^
Artist Description
Chi-chan The many forms of Sora!!! Colored in Photoshop. Enjoy ^-^
Chi-chan 2006-06-29 16:55:39 -__- not one of my best...
Zeph 2006-06-29 20:46:22 it's a great concept, putting them all in one picture
Def Character 2006-06-30 00:44:27 Great idea... ^^
Kheine 2006-06-30 01:44:39 whoaaa!! Soraaa!!! Hes soo cool in KH2!! He fights really awesome! I like ur original Sora best ^^ Neat job dude
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Random art
Just a random sketch I made today...
Manga girl
Okay, so it's not quite a color picture. However, it's not exactly a sketch, lineart or oekaki so it counts, I guess. Anyway, this was a picture that I made for a student. She asked me to make a picture of anything, so I doodled this up for her real quick during one of my break periods. If you're wondering what the words say, they are, "Dear God. Please let the wind feel good. That's my one request."

Mediums used: Pencil and paper, Photoshop CS (for the words and colors). Time taken: 45 minutes for the drawing, 25-30 minutes for the extra stuff.
This is a chibi of my new character Kunai ^^ 

Please comment here if you have DA account
Another God from the same rp as Hinoke and Kita.
this is a fanart of the movie *the Ring*
A picture detailing the awe I would often feel as a child when the jets from the air force base would come flying across the sky over my house.
Ok heres a smaller version, sorry bout that ^^;
Story and Art by: Sha :D

A picture I made for my girlfriends 21st birthday. I printed it on photopaper at a copy-shop and framed it. She was really happy with it. Constructive comment is appreciated. :-))
soo dark hell and myself are working on this....manga. and here is my char! doesn't have a name yet,though
Manga Art
Kanon, guitarist from Antique Cafe. ^^ looks empty the space..O_o
somemore random doodles. =P