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Joou "I found it on the doorstep~" ... yeah. More Ling. 8D
Chi-chan 2006-06-29 20:38:21 what did you color that with? its so cute!!!
Zeph 2006-06-29 20:42:49 i agree with chi-chan. what DID you color this with?
Joou 2006-06-29 21:00:52 I use Prismacolor pencils. :3 Lately I've been coloring on watercolor paper, which makes that odd texture.
Def Character 2006-06-30 00:40:09 AW... ^^
Kheine 2006-06-30 01:57:32 sweeeet ^^
Kimiko 2006-07-01 05:23:24 Makes me happy, when I look at it ^-^
Nasuri 2006-07-04 05:46:05 HI HI! T'his so happy !!!^-^
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Random art

a sword slashing someone ....
Little 1-hour MSPaint thing of Milo and Gabriel standing around in generic poses. Because all I can draw are generic poses. :(
 It's not that great, but I still had fun drawing it. MSPaint is so fun to use~
germaine redrawn... one of Aphrodites characters... i guess you can call it fan art :)
this is the same cat girl but she is in a different style *chuu*
pencil no jutsu
~Dark Mika-chan~

This is probably one of my most obscure characters so I thought she deserves some more attention. Kuroneko Mika is Kaho-chan's older sister who likes nightlife and catfights (CatFu). Mika has a rather mysterious life where she disappears during the night and nobody knows where she goes or what she does. Ironically, Mika-chan was born with a natural dark tan that contrasts with her noctural preferences. Nonetheless many are fans of her exotic personality! ^_^

PS: Here again I am mixing regular coloring with a cel-shading technique to bring out some visual contrast. 

Thanks for coming by!

* AnimeDoll by MayaX
* Hiromi custom CR2 for AD by Ken1171
* Kuroneko Mika character, hair & outfit by Ken1171
* CatGear props by Ken1171
* Cats by Mochi
More Gatha, and Garrett just because. :3
I really have no idea what this is... I was just messing around on Corel Painter Essentials 3. Pretty neat program!
Manga Art
zodiac pisces
I normally struggle when starting peices.. but I read my horoscope the day I started this and it said that I'll be inspired and very creative.. and then poof. This appeared. =P Anyways, I dunno if I'm really happy with this one or not. I worked mainly with the coloring this time around. I just don't think I'm too proud of the hair style.. the rest I'm ok with. Also for the first time I drew and colored eyes in my true original style (the way I always draw them on paper). Let me know what you think.
I really liked this one... Untill I inked it. TT__TT Then I realised all the things that required improvment, and I couldn't fix 'em. ;___;
I drew this on my birthday ^^0^ *jippie not 14 anymore* forgot to upload it