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was inspired by naruto.
my pack of ninjas.
Artist Description
animebitch01 was inspired by naruto. my pack of ninjas. heh..........^-^-
Def Character 2006-06-29 06:05:22 This has potential ^^
Kimiko 2006-06-29 07:41:55 You're a narutofan too?! O I like youre drawing ^-^
Kheine 2006-06-29 07:56:25 Really cool! I just somehow luvs it ^^
Zeph 2006-06-29 12:27:30 it's nice. however i would like to point out that i dont believe the kid dangling from the tree can physically do that. his knees bend the other way
Chi-chan 2006-06-29 16:39:54 ah! they are all so adorable
animebitch01 2006-07-04 06:12:58 actually zephio if you think about it a bit more and try it out. the pose is correct.
Nasuri 2006-07-04 09:40:43 WOh!T'has not bad!!!^0^
lotsofblood 2006-07-13 17:06:41 i like it in the sense that all the paper is filled with the drawing
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rampage. heavy armed cyborg. for renegade series too. rampage (c) emerson tung.
Made this one before sleeping... I like this one... To bad his left arm and knee didnt work out the way i wanted... but other than that i think its nice

Comment ^^
This artwork is sort of based on Yu-Gi-Oh! with the card. But I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy, so I made a card of Shiva. I know the scanner made my picture blue, I can't help it.
 Helloe everyone, long time no draw, been busy with my business and such. decided to oekaki a bit. Here we have Sugar From Summon Night Sword Craft Story
me myself and i, drawn again...
football sketch. speed demon of deimon highschool. eyeshield 21
Dustin C.
Nameless - Unfinished hand coloured boardbabe - feb 2001
This is a drawing of YugiYami from Yugi-oh. This is the first drawing I put on the net, so please comment.
hahayzz this brought me some dis appointments -_-
Just a time killer.

Got these NES sticks from ph47d3m0n's and wanted to do something with 'em.

Other paintjobs and visit my website BleedingViolin for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.
Just a wherewolf.
Shanise's friend Elisabeth also wanted an anime/manga version of her drawn by me XD so...her wish is my command?
McSquared is a smart guy with a stone cold stare. His favorite food is Pi.
Hey MWS dudes ^^. My last upload was a long time ago. Been too busy working and training, that I forgot about my artskills. Well, I've been drawing again and I've made a lot of sketches including this tablet art I made in PS CS. It's a coloured sketch. Tooke me 3 hours. I actually have much better art, but Im kinda lazy with scanning, so this is all digital. Hope you njoy this one a bit :}