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Plushies of Hiei and Kuroma!!
Artist Description
Chi-chan Plushies of Hiei and Kuroma!! kawaaii!!!
Def Character 2006-06-28 23:53:30 Kawaii ^^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-06-29 02:11:41 hehe cool
Kimiko 2006-06-29 07:44:50 So cute!!!!!!!!!! ^-^
Kheine 2006-06-29 08:35:46 Cute ^^
Zeph 2006-06-29 12:31:13 cute..but personally i hate gradiants
Chi-chan 2006-06-29 16:58:12 this is a different coloring style i tried...but i dont think ill use it again
dmc 2012-08-27 17:32:41 cool
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[[ updated#1: the leg ._. what do you think now? ]]~~~~~~ a request for someone at gaia. I dont think she will like it, there is nothing special about it. I went lazy on the background. I dont know what to do when it has many details like buildings, what to draw, what not to draw. >_< its a bit frustrating

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I fixed it as good as I could. Colour it?
I'v draw it with a tablet ^^
and I'v collored it^^ I like it but I know not much people like this XD haha
and more colour practice
well..this one...i sketch it during my lecture class....huhu.
(<.>)what a mess..........