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This is my cameleon, I made it just jet
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AAA-LAZEX-disign This is my cameleon, I made it just jet
Def Character 2006-06-28 05:05:21 Great use of colour... ^^
Kimiko 2006-06-28 07:05:58 Awesome!!! Can he change his color? lol ^0^
AAA-LAZEX-disign 2006-06-28 08:48:18 He can :P
WOLF 2007-07-11 05:32:53 i wanna eat it
Mangamaniac:) 2008-01-20 20:44:06 my eyes they burn. the color is too intense!!!! :x
Mangamaniac:) 2008-01-20 20:44:25 my eyes they burn. the color is too intense!!!! :x
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Random art
a friend's ben bugging me to draw a picture of her for a while, lol, so I was uber bored the other day and made a sketch.  Not the best, but meh.  Largely just me enjoying my tablet xD
Hey, how's everyone doing today ? (\(n_n)/)  Just another doodle thingie for ya.
This is a strip again in dutch a strip about myself haha
Just another random doodle of a suprised kosuna, she seems easy to draw, but thats whats i like atm, more to come.
A char I drew. Not much to say about it. Maybe I'll use him somewhere if I ever do the somewhere.
the same of the last one
Its just a guy trying to show off his good looks to a girl.
just a simple sketch, didn't plan on anything special =)
Page 1 of a few pages long comic I'm making.Still a sketch and text will be added after I lined it.
because i was busy this pass few days

i tried to draw this ninja character of mine......

i'm giving her the power of nature....hahahaha
This was done over a year and a half ago; my friend and I fawned over Zack after seeing Last Order. That's when I had red hair lol
can i be ur's?
I think ninja sums her up. I used a tutorial book (as i do with all my work at the moment) to do this one and i coloured it in Adobe Photoshop CS3
The one place my friend won't find his xmas gift on the interwebs. I drew this for my friend Matt because he's always getting me things and drawing me stuff and letting me borrow his mangas and games. XD I owed him a good one. I like how this came out. Artwork and characters are copyrighted 2006 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque