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Some pchat pic i made with another dude. I drawed Axel and  colored a little and the dude helped me more with the coloring ^^
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Kheine Some pchat pic i made with another dude. I drawed Axel and colored a little and the dude helped me more with the coloring ^^
r7ll 2006-06-23 11:14:35 Really really nice ^^
Dustin C. 2006-06-23 13:42:37 ha, what a coincidence. i just saw him yesterday in the game. ^^ cool pic, cant wait for a finished one!
1-MM-1 2006-06-23 20:34:42 dude no offence dustin hes all over the fucking game lol kick ass picture
Zeph 2006-06-23 20:56:05 it's a great start
Kimiko 2006-06-24 03:14:24 So cool!!! ^-^
Kimiko 2006-06-24 03:14:24 So cool!!! ^-^
Solin 2006-06-26 04:29:35 i love his hair :3
Nagashiwa 2006-06-29 03:38:25 that chara is really coool^^ nice job!!
Ayumi 2006-06-29 06:21:54 ooo nice
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Random art
Just a nice digital version of Laura and Lisa. Both on seperate pieces of paper both fused into this piece with their original backgrounds taken away (can be seen on my website)
XD XD XD i guess no more description needed xD
humour purpose.
J-pop group, w-inds. member,Chiba Ryohei.
My favourite group ^^
i made a 3 park panel of this pastel work for school. it was to "reflect you strongest feelings" stuff. i actually flunked out of art. my teacher said i totally was off base with this piece. i got a F.i dont listen she said.
As the couple guys earlier, I also decided to participate in the Cowboy Bebop fanart thingybob( fix'd ).

It is Faye. Durrhurr.
Getting back to my traditional art, I decided to do an angel sketch from life. I like it, except for the face that is a little unproportionate and too young...
She was awkward in the dress as if it is her time wearing it. Well, actually the character is mimicking a chracter from D-grayman.
Anywas heres my entry. ^^ I hope you likes. :) c&c welcome and encouraged. :D
just recently got a new ink pen set, and i wanted to try it out! My cousin suggested the tutu, so i worked from there.  i know i need work in some places, so critiques appreciated!!
Laura ^_^
A few weeks ago I went to the's concert in 'Het Paard'. It was such a cool concert, but the coolest thing of it was when 'Ronnie' the lead singer came on stage and asked.. well click the thumb and see for yourself. ;)
Manga Art
this is a child elf i made long time ago so theres a few things i have to do for finish like a background and put some colors but i think i doit later so i hope you like it critics are welcome like opinions