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I made it with photo shop the collors. it is Not the best but i like it
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oscar I made it with photo shop the collors. it is Not the best but i like it
r7ll 2006-06-23 11:13:56 The colouring suits the sketching style very well.
Zeph 2006-06-23 20:57:48 This may be a dumb question...but would you have the shadow to the left of his nose if the lighting was like that?
Lozz 2006-06-24 07:56:09 I like your style, but why didn't you colour his eyes in too? :3
Nasuri 2006-07-04 05:53:31 Eh! leuke tekening seg!!!^0^ Wel goed getekent maar de linke, schouder klopt niet helemaal!!!0_0
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My character for  
Maniacal little killer baby, heh heh.
I am back ( to normal n mangaworkshop XD ) 
better quality :
PLEASE COMMENT! Haven't uploaded in a while :( This one's still quite sketchy, and there might be some flaws, but I'm happy with the way it turned out. What can I do for background?? Please, help me!! ^_^
character design.. does anybody have color suggestions? i cant think of how to color her D=

after seen kigeki 8 times I ve drawn this one ( kigeki is a 10 min anime you can find it at youtube ... a masterpiece ^^ )
owh well, I just finished my art. here it is.
Well this is a combination of color,line art and graphite (pencil) Well it a pic of ~*~ME~*~ broken into pieces it was 4 my art class but i liked the way it came of so i put it on here. Feel free to Critque
nother one, in process of completion as well.
I love bad they don't exist.
anyway...hope you like it ^ ^
The sketch of Mirai, inked en colored. Took me a while, but it wass worth it (^.^)
What'ya think? I know that her hips are a bit small (a huge bit :s)
The Shepherd. comments and crits please!
This is the main character of the my webcomic.  My friend called this picture "Introspective."