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a strip in dutch made with photo shop
Artist Description
oscar a strip in dutch made with photo shop
paper-samurai 2006-06-22 05:47:45 haha,its to smal to read,but its drawn funny:)
Zeph 2006-06-22 09:08:00 probably because i don't read dutch....i only find it half interesting
Kimiko 2006-06-22 10:28:01 Haha so funny!!! (Was wel moeilijk om de tekst te lezen, maar was echt LOL!!!) ^0^
r7ll 2006-06-22 12:49:34 I can't read it but it looks funny though ^^
Nasuri 2006-07-04 09:48:17 Nie stresse het is maarfilm!!!^-^
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This is a page from my fantasy story.
Finally! I SWARE this took me the best of 8 hours. It took 2 hours to draw and align (including the rough draft), two hours to ink and fix the freaking bricks, and 4 hours to color it. Jesus Christ, I need to get a life. xD

YAY. Oh, and I KNOW that someone wouldn't just go on a walk with some creep that came up to them in the park, but bear with me.

And surry that my handwriting sucks. I was gonna type it but I was way too lazy. When I draw more and self publish the book or something I'll type them up. xD

Uh, yeh. I have NO idea what's gonna happen next. You'll find out sometime soon. And I'll find out, too. xD

Enjoy maybe...? Hurrah~
A character that represent my personality in my story
THis is Arch a Character for my Comic was working on it for 2 hours so hope you like it
January 2006 thing.  Her posture and proportions are iffy (not to mention that screwed up lineart), but I still like the ambiance of the whole image. x)
(scanned lineart, colored in photoshop)
Ok, this is my latest artwork. It is for a contest on a forum. It's just a sketch, so I still have to do a lot about it. And I'm sorry about the bad quality, the paper isn't of hight quality so...Comments are appreciated.
Haven't uploaded a gag in ages, but here goes.
I finally drew a picture I liked of Ryosuke! I just love him! He's the older of the three demons I've created so far! He's a snake!
From the manga Vampire Game.
I really love this pic
*laughs* I didn't expect that I would like that doodle, so I made a lineart out of it XD ( sorry for not cropping that last one ^^" I didn't know it was so big )
Cool quest picture that I drew for a friend on
Well, it took me long enough to get this done...but here it is, my fighting character (who looks starngely like me...ahem) Not too much mystical stuff, T-Square of justice in hand and a pretty messed up in the head attitude would be the main things to point out although, wheter he wins or loses, the opponent will always end up bleeding, thats a fact ^___^. about the drawing itself, im starting to change my style a bit, inked it and did these flat tones in photoshop..nothing too shabby but it has a pretty solid look which i wanted to get. plus, this will also be used for my upcoming site.
The Raging Spaniard
This is like...a practice for my title page....its kinda chibi ^-^
inuyasha (