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Uhmn, Aeris and Cloud. And again a couple xD
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Aurelian Uhmn, Aeris and Cloud. And again a couple xD
Zeph 2006-06-18 12:47:15 you have a nice style. and Aeris's hair is awesome.
r7ll 2006-06-18 13:18:00 Love that sketching style. It's awesome ^^
Def Character 2006-06-18 13:48:17 Great ...^_^
lotsofblood 2006-06-18 14:43:56 pretty cool
wwing 2006-06-18 15:26:13 nice sketch and details! I like the poses ^^
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Random art
Ack, it's another one.
Oh well, if anything that site gives me ample opportunity to improve my art.
Drew a female in the style i draw guys with full shading. Inspired from a photo. Drawn when i should have done other things. Took a long time. Thoughts?
As the heavens turn darker soon everyone will submit them selves to us!! we are the superior race from outerspace!! bow down pittiful humand for all shall belong to us now!!((i just love my sick SCI FI imagination^^))
xies to the fans
((yes she is being pulled up by a tractor beam^^))
Kakashi belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Here is the sketch.
A picture of B-girl (street dancing) with chain and baggy pants
this is a picture requested from a very good friend of mine. Comments? Crits?
this is lalina.  comments!!
Here's my first full body concept art of my manga character Alexine. She's a female bounty hunter in this sort of futuristic world and she's the best in her business. Pretty much the story is that she's so good at what she does that she takes out a lot of major people in this group of criminals that formed an allegiance with one another. The head of the alliance places a bounty on her head so instead the bad guys become the bounty hunters. Anywho, this is her. I didn't put the weapons in 'cause I'm in the process of designing them myself. And yes I know her hand sucks. I didn't want to bother with it. It was a focus on the outfit really. If anyone has any cool outfit ideas, feel free to post some. Enjoy you guys. =) Thanks to everyone who submitted their ideas and special thanks to Desty Nova for the inspiration. ^^
A surfuresqe guy i drew with markers  this is quite old i did it at the begining of the year
wow i havent posted somethin in so long xD
anyway this is Lucille xD
Pg 13 Chapter 6 AOY =D