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my first upload ^_^ I havent had much time to draw lately...too much work to be done! Some tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! I know i can't draw arms or feet.....
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Tigers_Eye my first upload ^_^ I havent had much time to draw lately...too much work to be done! Some tips and advice would be greatly appreciated! I know i can't draw arms or feet.....
Killer-Kun 2006-06-14 21:58:25 It look nice, pretty cute :3, i guess you should improve your outline. Keep up the good work
peanut 2006-06-14 22:42:42 You should color it !
peanut 2006-06-14 23:09:01 hehehe...hairy
r7ll 2006-06-15 08:44:04 Really nice ^^ I think it'd look great inked.
Wicked_Lady 2006-06-15 09:14:45 kitty kitty kitty kitty!!! *getting hyper* Aww, I love it. She's soow cute ^^ Such a sweet... KITTY!!!
Wicked_Lady 2006-06-15 09:15:23 Sorry... I'm nuts
yurusanzo 2006-06-15 10:34:43 cute, i agree with r7ll, you should ink it....KITTY!!! <.<
Zeph 2006-06-15 18:30:34 i think the legs are a little too thick for her body. but this would look good colored as peanut said
yurusanzo 2006-06-16 05:24:45 trust me, i felt the eact same way about inking, i have a $150 inking set that i dont use... thats why i took the time to learn photoshop. dont worry, it aint hard, mostly memorization plus you can find free tutorials anywhere :)
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Random art
and never will be finished =[
Yess. This is a picture I did of some nice Octopus tentacles. xD Sure. SO yeah.
had nothin to do so i thought id start a another picture didnt take me that long though.comments please
The publishing house Urania, specialized on a wide variation of card games, published a manga tarot. I got the request to illustrate this deck.

I had to draw all of 78 cards. What a huge amount of work! Mercifully, my ideas didn't run out.^^
By the way, the titles are originally printed in English. The translations are on the left side of the card.

The cards should look like vintage prints. Thus the colour parts are even and partially decorated with patterns. In order to avoid too bright, colorful and mawkish cards, I decided to use only four slightly discreet colours (winered, bottle-green, pale yellow and dark grey-blue) and mixed them and added some pattern.
For the outlines I used a very soft and small pen nib and drew them intensely so that they become more thick. The variation of the thickness of the lines let the drawings look lively and the figures stick out.
I took the style of Kaori Yuki and the ancient eras as examples.

I decided to design the border in Art Deco style. I considered to do it in a baroque or victorian style before, but it would have looked too antiquated, so I let it be. Art Deco was arising about 1910/1920, thus it is characterised by an expressionistic and dynamic form. This style combines the classic, ancient decorations with the modernity.
Outlines: pen nib, black indian ink
Images: computer coloration (program: Micrografx Picture Publisher 10)
Border: Corel Draw X3 (vectors)
Paper type: Bristol Board
Size: DIN A4 (29,7 x 21 cm)
ISBN: 978-3-03819-404-0
Number of cards: 78
Card size: 7 x 12cm
4-lingual: D/F/E/S
aeris from ff7 (my fave game in the world) in my own coulors
Don't got much to say about it =/
i was bored and yea i didnt know what to draw.....-_-;
Liar, Liar, Pants on fire! Nothing says happy holidays by making your friend's pants light a fire from the mere thought of your nudity, I kid, I love the guy, he's very sweet to me. We ended up talking for over 12 hours today and I just thought of this as we were talking and drew it as a gift for him.

Litterbox, Tabikat, and the rest of the cast is copyrighted 2005 Tabitha "Tabikat" Vocque
Andykatt is copyrighted 2005 Andrew Dickman.
comic character that a friend and I worked on.  comic never went anywhere tho. :(
This is a comic about peeing hehe
Cover-ish for mah wanna-be manga, Lost Sheep Noir.  

The guy in the middle is Krius Voi Mist (he's older than in my first drawing up here 8D ) and the DUDE to the right (our right) is Liux Raine Marche, Krius' right hand man ;D and the girl over there is Alesia... Yeaah, just Alesia (for a lack of a last name XD)
hey! well, Riot kinda "requested" this one, and Im veery glad he did since I think this is one of my best new pieces :), it was all done in pencil and then retouched in photoshop. Vagrant Story and all related characters as well as the logo are copyright to Squaresoft, so please leave them alone kids :). Well, this is fun so a Chrono Trigger drawing is next, hope you guys like this one :D
The Raging Spaniard
just in time for the holidays santa pissed me off this year so in algebra 2 class i had the urge to show what i really think of him... its not the greatest. infact it might not be that great at all but here it is.
An OC of mine from my manga Hokori~ yay my first pic post ^_^