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Probably the last picture I'll upload here for awhile. I'm really happy about this one. Thoughts?
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Zeph Probably the last picture I'll upload here for awhile. I'm really happy about this one. Thoughts?
r7ll 2006-06-15 08:43:07 I love your drawing style. As always the shading is stunning. The lettering oh his jumper is really well done. What was the idea behind the angel wings?
lotsofblood 2006-06-15 13:44:01 cool is that you?
mama_logon 2006-06-15 14:03:03 haha, that's cool, the wings needs a little bit more work, there's no need to fix it. if the guy indeed it is you then your hot, I like it.... i'm serious hahahahah.
Knytro 2006-10-03 16:34:03 thats realli good nice idean with the post he's leaning on thanx for commenting on mine.
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breaking free!...
i really like to draw this demon from the side and the hair.
Not really manga, just experimenting a little. This pic is supposed to express sexual heat. ^_~ Her hand is a little weird though, sorry 'bout that ^_^' Anyway, I kind of liked how this turned out, hope you all like it too ^_^
For my color commissions. If you want one, it's cash by mail, or we could do a trade. Color commissions are only 8-10 US dollars, depending on the time it takes me to complete it....yeah. If you want one, lemme know~

I've already made like, $40 so far. ^^
just fooling around a bit in flash mx . its a girl whit her little pet :P. hope you like it
hahaha, ok soo its not just anime, but there is some there! this is me practising my anime, pencil, and chibi styles!! SO LOTS OF CRITISIZEM PLEASE! its my friend sarah, but she dosnt know i've done this pic yet...
This is "Butterfly" Kazahana who just killed Syuuhei Kazahana, heir to the Kazahana family.
i've been working
on this for a long while~~

i've been thinking about getting it published, but then i wouldn't want to give my self-consciousness cause to panic by giving a damn~~lol
anyway, this project is called ‰º–k‘ò‚ɁuƒIƒ„ƒXƒ~v‚Á‚ÄŒ¾‚Á‚Ä‚ ‚°‚éB softly encroaching upon becoming a self portrait of the panicky year i've had.
i won't put up the whole thing, because it's still not finished, and i've still yet to put the text in it. the content becomes quite ambiguous and then it just becomes a "staring at pictures" situation...which i'm sorry about, considering i don't deserve to be amongst you all, but i've wanted to share with you guys for so long, so i apologize for any frustration due to my poor talent.

it does read from right to left like standard asian publications. talk to me anytime^^
This is how I would like to see Ryu in Street Fighter 4!
This artwork is about one year old. :)
Pchat stuff. It's supposed to be messy.
Chibi..elf..kitty thingie with wings (\(>w<)/)
I tried to ink it but my skills are laking in that department so instead I give to you the not so crappy pencil doodle XD
Hey, how's everyone doing today ? (\(n_n)/)  Just another doodle thingie for ya.
cutting wrists is fun