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Probably the last picture I'll upload here for awhile. I'm really happy about this one. Thoughts?
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Zeph Probably the last picture I'll upload here for awhile. I'm really happy about this one. Thoughts?
r7ll 2006-06-15 08:43:07 I love your drawing style. As always the shading is stunning. The lettering oh his jumper is really well done. What was the idea behind the angel wings?
lotsofblood 2006-06-15 13:44:01 cool is that you?
mama_logon 2006-06-15 14:03:03 haha, that's cool, the wings needs a little bit more work, there's no need to fix it. if the guy indeed it is you then your hot, I like it.... i'm serious hahahahah.
Knytro 2006-10-03 16:34:03 thats realli good nice idean with the post he's leaning on thanx for commenting on mine.
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Random art
just a faery colored with photoshop. please comment!!!
June 29-- i've been takin the advice and practicing the human body and its proportions this is my character for
Pretty old teaser page from a comic idea of mine called Zed. This was once again me throwing caution to the wind and trying to see how much detail I could squeeze onto the page before it seemed like overload. Looking back on it now it seems a tad simplistic since almost everything is a square or simply too angular but I didn't have the right tools back then to do everything I wanted to (lol, that's my story and I'm sticking to it).
I really liked this one... Untill I inked it. TT__TT Then I realised all the things that required improvment, and I couldn't fix 'em. ;___;
A sketch i drew of yoruichi, i thought it came out rather nice. Her hands and her right leg needs sum work but other than that it's kool
SUNSET BEACHFLOWERS was a sketch, ended up in a fullcolor pic as well^^. I like the design of the art. And the colorchoice as well. It has a nice feeling to it I think. It has some small flaws, but I can live with that ^^;;. Hope you will like this one :)

Abby Johnson & Chris Folton © Gabby Oduro
just a panel in my submission to RSofM...
Practicing profiles
My OC Xik
well not really.
its a Vector painting of ME dressed UP like my OC Xik. odd, isn't it? we look similar... but she has freckles and her hair is a little different from mine. so TECHNICALLY this is a picture of meee, but.. im.. cosplaying my OC I guess? idunno.
They're a bunch of Assassins who want to kill all Kazahana family members.
I know one wing is longer than the ohter, but I like how they were positioned.. But which wing do you like better? (The one bit with feathers on it or without)?
Critism/Comments/Suggestions Welcomed!!! ^^
I had to reshade the pic, cause my scanner never picks up light pencil markings.
Just Testing My New Scaner