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It's been a while huh?
Here's a little something :3
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Killer-Kun It's been a while huh? Here's a little something :3
Def Character 2006-06-13 06:40:21 Cool... ^^
mama_logon 2006-06-13 09:40:59 nice
r7ll 2006-06-14 13:58:22 Nice atmosphere
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Random art
dante again...
Rin Kagamine. Digital artwork!
a character from skyblade swords of the heaven online game!!!!
An elf who looks sad :( (^0^)
Miyuki- the blind girl.
~Fun in the Water~

My 1st post here! :D

I wanted to do a scene with hot sand dunes, cold water, and a hot bikini babe in DOAX style, and this is what came out. Takes a lot of patience to make water look like water, and I am still not sure about the splashing bits because creating that in 3D was a bit of exausting. Here I tried some rather challenging light and water effects, where in the end greenish water somehow looked better than bluish. ^_^  This tropical oasis attracts some odd animals, but nothing that will keep Hiromi (here in DOAX cosplay) from having fun in the water! :D

Thanks for coming by!

* AnimeDoll by MayaX
* DOAX Swimsuits by Riddokun
* Hiromi custom CR2 for AD by Ken1171
merry christmas you all!And a happy new year:)
a wolf hehe yea im practiceing animals 
i used referance to min woo hyungs wrk here (like u cant tell) i think it looks to evil , meep 
need to draw more animals bye bye
Just a nice digital version of Laura and Lisa. Both on seperate pieces of paper both fused into this piece with their original backgrounds taken away (can be seen on my website)
Since I have been gone for a long time my account was removed so many of hte next pics I upload will be pics I have done over the past couple of years. Here one of my favorite Wolfwood drawings.
You know after drawing these winged guys day after day I've realised that my style still jumps around quite a bit *boo* T_T'' Looks like I'm gonna have to work harder to stop that from happening in the future (\(;3;)/)
i think it turned out well..
 I really want to clean this up and color it. But Knowing me, cleaning up my drawings means killing the lineart. T-T
4 of the female characters of the comic im making, im collecting pages for it atm ^^