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well this is a drawing i am proud of .. i think it turned out great .. except for 2 parts tho ... the feet and lower part of the legs .. i totaly screwed that up >.< ... ow and the swords aint finnished :) .. wel injoy
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TheDarkHell well this is a drawing i am proud of .. i think it turned out great .. except for 2 parts tho ... the feet and lower part of the legs .. i totaly screwed that up >.< ... ow and the swords aint finnished :) .. wel injoy
Zeph 2006-06-09 19:50:08 i like the feet actually. it's the thighs that i think are too thick. i like it though
r7ll 2006-06-10 04:18:53 I love the persoective on this one. It looks really promising. Can't wait to see it finished ^^ Already you can tell that the detailing's impressive, from the carefully defined trim on the armour to the subtle swirls on her skirt. Nice work :D
lotsofblood 2006-06-10 09:49:58 i like the way shes holding her right sword and the armor is simply amazing
Marius 2006-06-10 09:51:49 The knees are perhaps a bit too small but the left (her right) foot is good though :) Could be something for yer portfolio later. Take your time with it though, it'll pay off in the end.
undefined 2006-06-11 23:01:10 Nice~~ I think the leg on the right (our view) looks abit odd.
TheDarkHell 2006-06-14 05:50:00 tnx for the comments @ marius: ya got a good point there about the knees ... ill try to fix that .. @ sameu: i know xD
pencil no jutsu 2007-11-13 08:13:35 ith cool but the knies ar a litle weard
wiley justin 2010-10-30 11:31:10 nah bro the i could imagine the legs and feet being very hard to draw in that position but they look really good.. mad picture bro town
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