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Just something I doodled on PS 7 :D
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Project Just something I doodled on PS 7 :D
Joou 2006-06-06 20:30:14 It is cute. But the anime style where characters lack pupils has always frightened me. D8
Kimiko 2006-06-07 09:08:34 ^0^ I like the coloring, its so cute!! ^-^
Merink 2006-06-07 17:31:13 Lol @ Joou, me too, cute thou
Ayumi 2006-06-08 01:58:06 oo and the background is pretty too ^^
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My friend asked me to draw a dancing penguin, and a moose, this is the lineart of the moose, I'll prolly upload the color version later. C&C welcome.
Shana from shakugan no shana
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My line drawing that is being coloured by matthew at the moment
Hiyaaaaa!!!  alrighty added color and a cool flame kick to the sketch!  Whatcha think?
I made this one just jet
A little joke I imaged for Halloween-only a month late right?
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Drew this in painter, this is my second computer only drawing that I'v ever done (I think I'm getting better at it) :3
This same time but not to much....i hope u like it
i tried to make a male body and this is it :)
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Its just a guy trying to show off his good looks to a girl.
well i like this pic but something seems not right about it HELP! .... please?

*yay* Sports! This is a part of a much bigger image, but that just won't fit here ^_^. The actual pic is a background for my pc.
I rushed this version a bit and forgot to add my copyright notice and signature *_* Anyway, it worked out fine I think the only one thing I see is that het foot looks abit odd. Any comments? Please do! ^_~