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my first art, I did the best i could, i hope you like it. I yust need to buy photoshop now -_-
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Pixel my first art, I did the best i could, i hope you like it. I yust need to buy photoshop now -_-
Def Character 2006-06-04 14:27:42 Nice one...^^ You can find a sketched comment under your entry on the forum 6^^
lotsofblood 2006-06-04 16:48:36 hey its a good start, draw lots n lots more and youll get better, remember: it's a poor craftsman who blames his tools...or something like that.. if you really want photoshop, i suggest you download it illegally and crack it, or ask a friend who knows lots about computer to do it for you :)
Zeph 2006-06-04 20:25:47 i commented on the forum, but ill do it the same here. You can become a great artist WITHOUT photoshop. Practice makes perfection, not a fancy program. It's a nice picture for your first art. Post more!
Pixel 2006-06-05 01:56:41 sure i will, i'm studying the body of a women right now, and i yust keep practicing, i used Game-Maker image editor for this, because it works better for me than paint... the biggset problem is i can't start with a pencil, and colour it with my comp, because i haven't got a scanner :(. so this is fully done without a pencil.
Joou 2006-06-06 19:27:28 I'd recommend honing your skills in other programs, and further bettering yourself in art before getting an advanced program like Photoshop. Photoshop doesn't make you a good artist, contrary to popular belief. You're only good in PS if you're good outside of PS. Anyway, it's not too bad considering it's drawin in a primitive paint-like program with a mouse. Not sure what this program has, but Paint's curvy line tool would really help you. Also, try not to use outlines for the muscles. Just use darker skin-colored lines.
Shinfate 2006-06-11 14:47:46 hey not bad for a start, at least you already know a bit about shadows. but the others are right, a professional program doesn't make you a good artist, BUT those programs CAN support you if used correctly. if you have photoshop, never use a standard effect unless you know how to use it ( it just looks noob ). btw. I'm your friends friend ( Wouter ) from wushu ^_~
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Random art
I drawed that a month ago xD hmm i dont really know what to think about it -____-'
I really like this one, but I made a big flaw>> The thing on the guy's back!! Don't even know what it's supposed to be... :S Please comment^^
dis one is an acetate artwork.damn!!!!it really cost me lot and took me 3 weeks in the making but its worth it i've sold this piece for php 30k to a friend.some of you maybe familliar with this pic 'cause ive just made a xerox from the original
Here is the finished version of the bboy. Maybe I'll do some touch ups later. consider this 95% done :) Hope ya like it! :)
my little sister wanted me to draw a princess xD
A silly little sketch using some of my fav chars, Harry Potter and Fullmetal Alchemist. Hand drawn and colored in opencanvas and photoshop. Yes I'm aware that the VGCats also did a gag on this. There's no need to comment on that fact. Thanks!
Character from manga Trick Kids. He's a serial killer who acts on one motive....paranoia ><
meh, another character sketch for my comic.  This be Evan.  Huzzah.  I need to remember to try that mirror trick before I ink, because his neck/head looks very weird reversed, but I didn't realize that until it was too late to fix it >_> *SIGH*
My first Naruto based fanart ^^;. Done in an Open Canvas 1 session all last night with Teddy, I drew.. he watched ;b. But yes, its a 'chibi' Gaara from Naruto, done in about... nnnn... I want to say 4 and half hours, mostly because of inbetween AIM'ing and PM'ing in Gaia ^^.<br>
<i>~~Bee 1/29-30/2005, eeeearly morning ^^</i>
I bought new colors today (hoe zeg je viltstiften in het engels (-.-;)? And used them on my witch tell me what you think of it please
so I am planning to ink and color this soon... just wanted some quick crit on some things, mainly the guy's legs, (Is he too tall?)
I also posted this in the forums under work in progress, though that may be against the rules, lol
Wacom and Photoshop cs3

20 min sketch
1h30 coloring

just playin with PS ;P