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*cries along*
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WOLF *cries along*
WOLF 2006-05-25 13:08:21 ohyea hes sad cause he cannot die
lotsofblood 2006-05-25 15:08:20 emo :)
Def Character 2006-05-26 05:30:27 I thought he was sad cause he dous not live 6^^
Marius 2006-05-26 15:38:51 vampires CAN die. Quite horribly too... But yeah, songs (and music in generall) are a huge inspiration source :)
WOLF 2006-05-28 08:25:11 uhhmmm.. Smile Empty Soul.. =) I loooove that band..
peanut 2006-06-17 17:50:29 what an adorable vampire!! ^^
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Random art
hello folks! been long i didn't upload.. did this one last night.. again some random sketch i picked up.
Another commission all done! Woot. Vultureman from the Thundercat's cartoon. Markers and Pencils
Outlines: black feltpen
'COPIC - Multi Liner' 0,1 mm /
Medium: Tria marker, pastel  chalk, color pencils, golden gouache, white ink /
Paper type: letter paper with parchment print /
Size: DIN A4 (21 x 29,7 cm) /
Time: 6 h /////
This was a gift for a friend of mine of his original character. I was also trying out some new pencils I got at the time.
I love the TRIA Pantone markers of Letraset!^^ They are wonderful to color with. I had the great chance to choose the colour range and to draw the illustrations for this two manga marker-sets (available at The girl was colored with only the 24 colour of the shoujo set (The same thing with the boy and the shounen set).
i really like the consept, but its a really old pic.. i think im gonna redraw it, so hopefully you'll be able to see it soon!    used pencil crayons
Finished... its not perfect but i like it,

Manga Art
Just a new style
look at it and give comments
Beatrice doll with a colorful outfit I designed. xD
this is a self portret of me. it's from a couple of years ago and witha little fantasie around me.. and?
hmm... trying out textures and SFX in photoshop... came up with this space-ring-thinghy.. don't like the planet though, too simple... around 10 hours - photoshop 7 - all done with mouse. C&C welcome ^_^
well here is a real "iff you think a little fire could stop me, youre rong ill still try to take your head" girl :P well injoy