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 I really don't like this piece, but I will show you guys anyway. :/
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Yao I really don't like this piece, but I will show you guys anyway. :/
poyanz 2006-05-25 03:23:22
poyanz 2006-05-25 03:24:14 i'm jeolous of photoshop could somebody donate a pc for me!!!!!!!!
CynikSama 2006-05-25 05:59:09 very pretty coloring and nice pose too ^^
Kimiko 2006-05-25 07:17:03 ^0^ She's so cute!!!!! Well done!!! ^-^
Yao 2006-05-25 11:23:34 hey guys i have a question. I am planning to print some of my art to sell on otakon( to cover the cost of the trip) if say i make this into a poster about 11x14 or maybe a bit bigger. would you buy it for say 10$-15$?
lotsofblood 2006-05-25 15:07:43 i dont have any credit card n such so i dont buy on the net :-/ but you do have the skills to make selling posters
mama_logon 2006-05-25 18:23:03 is nice, although is not the kind of thinghs I buy.
WOLF 2006-05-26 04:01:30 i do like it.. but the heads not really awesome..
Def Character 2006-05-26 05:28:14 Hi Yao can you explane to us on the forum why you don't like this pic 6^^
Ayumi 2006-06-08 02:15:24 i like the face its cute
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Random art
just some random sketching ^^
Another drawing I made for another friend. It's a penguin, now join me in awe... ;-)

unfinished pic of the vampire lady...BLOODLUST!! lol
This was done in 11th grade
I made this in a Simposium from my school. I did this ona break defore the conference. I just added the shirt graphic and the tatoo with the pc
scanned line-art, collouring in photoshop, background is a photo.
A 8th grader.
Anenergetic and fun human.
heya people. i drew this the other day in class and thought it would be fun sharing it :) critisism is always welcome so check it out and bash it as hard as you can ^^
A fight scene from an old manga project ¨Dusk Season¨ . I abandoned it, because I was too lazzzy. Now I have a new idea, so maybe only later I will work on this..
yeah I decided to go old fashioned and just color with pencils :)
felana loved to sing when she was young T_T to bad she can't anymore becouse of some trought troubles.
felana is from Link ©
I decided to draw a girl sleeping in the grass, because I was relaxing.
Just thought I'd do something a little less serious for a change. The guy on the left is a friend of mine who's pretty cool apart from his nasty habit of stealing my pencil erasers in our physics lessons and mutilating them. (and ye, I'm on the right of the pic lol)It was just a quick doodle, so the colouring's a bit naff but meh