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i was bored and made this quick sketch...since it can be interesting i guess well i posted it...
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lotsofblood i was bored and made this quick sketch...since it can be interesting i guess well i posted it...
yurusanzo 2006-05-24 19:50:07 he looks like kingpin with chap lips XD... interesting indeed
WOLF 2006-05-25 11:24:04 nyahaha evill.... XD it reminds me to some kind of metal song lol
Zeph 2006-05-26 08:14:20 interesting...
Ayumi 2006-06-08 02:16:17 woah scary o.o tee hee
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Random art
:) the hero of my manga DevilKin
valentine contest - just a girl trying her best to make a cake, after lots of failures her hard work pays off in the end. and she got insanely happy =)
Manga Art
i colored it notin new
Colored it, I'm not too good at coloring but hope you guys like it.
here's a lil somethin i did for one of my friend, thats him, hes explaining the Gaia "religion" he seems to like so much, weird guy... Anyway, i toned it all but my computer had a fatal error so theres no toning! Oh and hes speaking french.
My friends told me my X-mas cards where to I made this for them.

You may reconize this picture if you watched the chobits anime. This was the outfit that chi wore on the cover of vol 1. of the chobits series. I did my own version after watching it. This was back when I was having a whole lot of problems with hands,feet, and backgrounds. I'am still bad at those things but anyway~^_^!
Here is finally one of my serious arts! It is a CG practice pic :D But ofcourse about the bg... yknow...

This is my last new lineart. And i'm still working on her hands ( really has problems with drawing hands). A think her boobs are too big ><, but sexy ofcourse ^^
Manga Art
finally some time for an actual lineart. It's Kyo from SDK. Comments and critizms are nice