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unfinished...i think ill ink this one when im done
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yurusanzo unfinished...i think ill ink this one when im done
Merink 2006-05-23 05:11:49 another half finished but outstanding sketch from the great artist yurusanzo ^_^
Aurelian 2006-05-23 06:27:01 wow, nice sketch!
poyanz 2006-05-23 19:36:22 weeeeeeee ang angas!!!!!
CericCalas 2006-05-25 10:45:46 indeed some nice sketches, but are they supposed to look so emotionless?
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Random art
My first real attempt on drawing using photoshop completely and without any lines. I took amazingly long hours that my head and hand is shaking now ^^; 17 hours on the girl and 11 hours on the bg. New record of hours for my photoshoping history, WHEW~! ^^;;; I am about to drop now X_X; -- Done fully by photoshop 7, Mouse.
just an artwork..hehe..
This is my first ever posting on this site! I'm not to pleased about the way this picture turned out :( but please (pretty please) tell me what you think!!
Juuust Sketches
one o my avatars in Second life

messin around with photoshop filters = yay
heej it has been a long time but here is some art of me ^_^
pencil no jutsu
my proud best (till now) work.
my inner angel "flash"
yes I love angel story's (l)d.n.angel(l) sorry...
Manga Art
and yet another weird picture ive made..i feel this one is special though, looking at it makes me think alot...
Lotsa oekaki skethes ^_^

Btw check my 2 latest animations!    --------------><-----------

Just a time killer.

Got these NES sticks from ph47d3m0n's and wanted to do something with 'em.

Other paintjobs and visit my website BleedingViolin for my portfolio, other work, and how to obtain this kind of work.
:D:D:D:DOh my goddess:D:D:D:D
shes an angel but i didnt draw the wings yet cuz im not really good at feathers.
some girl i draw just like that..