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vash!!!ohh...yeah!!!! my favorite!!!!
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poyanz vash!!!ohh...yeah!!!! my favorite!!!!
Def Character 2006-05-22 07:59:49 Looks dynamic ^^. again great perspective...
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Random art
Some of you want to know. I'm writing a story (actually two, a sci-fi and a fantasy story) and these are some of the characters from those stories.  This is the Wraith-Doll from the fantasy story.
a warrior wearing the half of a mask... the one owns the other half the controls the warrior
This is a ninja, coloured with a traditional japanese technique, "ukiyoe".
entry for the horror contest...
everybody's been telling me it's a bit too busy..I agree , but I kinda like it that way , besides isn't horror sometimes all about chaos ? ^^
page 1 from a doujinshi I gonna made..
i planned to only make a cute dragon but i made a background too.
..witch i don't like...

and yet again, my hands are a failure -.-# ying and yang, from my fanfic (god hates me for it) Luna ©
im a devaintart junkie, and one of the people i watch made an alien race, there were rules to designing a character, and this is the end product i came up with. the link to her site on devart is:
my characters name is Snapdragon, and her alterego is called Grevillea. shes 39, but the alien race"Pheerai" live till there about 300. althought they mature by the age of 20. these are 3 costumes she usually is in

done in india ink, nib, and pencil crayons
Another robo-desing. I liked this one too.
:) enjoy, this took like 30 minutes? i think :s what else should i draw? thanks
from another good manga Numbers ...............................
just a random original character. lots of things i'm too lazy to clean up haha
Poor Guy -_-

Prismacolor pencil on Prismacolor markers, with help of just a bit of photoshop filter (blur). I'm still not sure what rating   this should have...
Character is a god of the animal kingdom he is responsible to protect and defend the kingdo of embers kingdom