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poyanz weeeeeeeeee
Def Character 2006-05-19 03:42:13 Dangerous ^^
lotsofblood 2006-05-19 08:40:14 ...big boobs :-O
yurusanzo 2006-05-20 01:42:49 those are some huge...gozungas. i like what i see :)
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Random art
I was bored and dind know what to draw,so some random drawing became this litlle artistic piece,nice and colourfull.
comment please i would really like the comment and tell me what you think about it i drew it yesterday
maybe I will use this as a fighting character , but more of a magic user...he fights by manipulating his shadow to form weapons...I'll stick to this one 'till I make a better one...o_o
Meika - CG: Paint Shop Pro - nov 2001
Royal Icing manga, pg 42, availabe online and in print on and
bah! its another lol I will colour and everything most of my pics eventually :P i dont know what i was thinking when i drew the outfit for her...... not bad though i suppose
heh, ironicly the day i upload something new is the same day all my stuff get's deleted ^_^ well it's not actually ''new'' it's an old thing i redrew, only this one has a face on it :D   ah well, i'm back guys ^_^
WHO remembers yugioh??
Hi i'm new here and i would like to get some advice about my drawings. i'm trying to draw body's and cloths and the drawing above is more like a training to draw body's. I really appreciate it if you can help me with it :)
I've been holding out on the galleria members.. I've already shown this on the forum..It's a fanart of Dustin C's manga "Draw" that one can find in the membermanga section on this site^^
Def Character
Ooooold one. I don't like her face and right arm, gotta fix them.
Character interpretation for a guy in Germany.
I've been working on this for quite some time now. I'm having trouble with the rips in the shirt, the wings, idea of what he's wearing, and a little bit of the proportions. And it was not supposed to look like me...Other than that I like it